Where Was ‘The Flight Attendant’ Filmed? Star Griffin Matthews Reveals What’s Real (& What Isn’t)

where was the flight attendant filmed

Grab your notepads, ladies and gents. Griffin Matthews (Shane) just gave us major details about The Flight Attendant.

The 38-year-old actor recently sat down for an interview with PureWow, where he shared behind-the-scenes secrets about the popular HBO series. When asked about the filming process, Matthews revealed that it’s far different than what you see on TV. In fact, most of the scenes were shot on a soundstage.

“A lot of the planes are on a set,” he told PureWow. “They built us a plane in the hangar.”

However, not every set was fake. Matthews confirmed that most of the airport scenes were filmed at real-life locations. “When you see us walking through airports, we were filming in multiple airports,” he said. “We were really in Thailand. We were really in JFK.”

Matthews continued, “It was one of the first things that we shot—the walking through the airport scenes—which strangely enough caused such an uproar because they couldn’t get the airports shut down.”

While discussing his experience working with Kaley Cuoco (Cassie) on The Flight Attendant, Matthews admitted that he didn’t realize how famous she is. That is, until they were swarmed by fans while filming at the airport.

“That was the moment that I realized how big of a celebrity Kaley Cuoco is and Rosie Perez,” he explained. “I knew about them, but when we were in a public setting—I mean, truthfully—it was like a frenzy. I’ve never seen so many cameras out, it was not even about the paparazzi.”

The Flight Attendant is now streaming on HBO Max.

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