The New Westfield Century City Is Making the Mall Cool Again

Forget what you thought you knew about mall shopping. The new Westfield Century City has been re-imagined to look way prettier and function way better (oh, hi, ticketless parking space). Here’s the high points of the place, where you can up your metabolism, grab something for dinner and score a cute new outfit, all without having to move your car once.

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Westfield Century Mall

Soak in the Art-Gallery-Meets-Designer-Hotel Vibe

Sure, you came for the 200-plus shops. But you’re in no rush to leave because of the Kelly Wearstler-designed decor like hanging chairs, patterned tile and a rotating art collection with loans from the Annenberg Space for Photography and LACMA.

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Thrill to the Ease of Smart Parking

Truth: Westfield Century City was previously a hate-shop experience due to the crazy-salad scarcity of parking. (Not to mention the agony of lost tickets.) Now it’s added tons of spaces and ticketless parking: You just download an app that reads your license plate and scan a validation QR code at any retailer for a discount. Also, the parking fee is automatically charged when you leave—no lost tickets ever again.

Discover That Vancouver Fashion Is a Thing

Think there’s no explored horizon in the global fashion universe? Bet you didn’t know that British Columbia is all of a sudden white-hot, style-wise. The Vancouver-based luxury sportswear designers Oak + Fort and Aritzia are debuting Los Angeles-area shops here that are merchandised like Anthropologie’s older, more sophisticated sister. (We like this covetable soft trench.)

Browse the Bookstore of the Future

That online shopping behemoth Amazon has opened a brick-and-mortar store where you can choose from a narrow selection of new releases (and Prime members get nearly a 50 percent discount). The most fun part? Getting to play with the selection of Fire TV sticks, Echos and Kindles.

Freeze Your Buns Off for Health

Want to speed up your metabolism, encourage weight loss, ease aching muscles and make your skin really glowy? Those are among the promised benefits when you step into the super-cold (below -150 degrees Fahrenheit) cryotherapy chamber for less than three minutes. Plus, it will really make you appreciate the Southland’s mild winters.


Experience VR with Your Kid (or Your Geeky S.O.)

From February 7 to March 2, you can discover what all the VR buzz is about at the AMC movie complex, where a show called “Alien Zoo” lets you walk among (and touch, erhmigawd) colossal beasts from outer space. Hey, investors like Steven Spielberg and all the major studios say this is the next way we’ll be watching movies, so aren’t you curious?

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Elizabeth Daniels for Eataly

Grab a Quick Bite and Shop for Dinner

A panini, a pizza or a chopped salad are some of the high-level grab-and-go meals at Eataly, the new upscale Italian eatery. Or just treat yourself to an espresso and a cannoli and grab some next-level imported ingredients like bucatini, artichoke cream and sweet sausage to throw together a rustic meal at home. (P.S. The mall still has Gelson’s, in case you need to grab a box of Cheerios.)