The Underrated Netflix Fantasy Show Fans Want Uncanceled (& Why It Should Be on Your Radar)

In case you haven't heard, there's a viral fan campaign going to bring back one of the most underrated shows on Netflix. And you know what? We're 100 percent on board.

In case you're unfamiliar, allow us to introduce Warrior Nun, an edge-of-your-seat fantasy drama that follows an orphaned teen, 19-year-old Ava, who wakes up in a morgue with newfound powers. Unbeknownst to her, she's been brought back to life by a mysterious glowing halo in her back, and a team of nun warriors—known as the Order of the Cruciform Sword—are hunting her down to get it back. But over time, Ava decides to join the secret group and fight demons alongside them.

The queer-positive series is a captivating rollercoaster ride, and something tells us it would definitely appeal to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It boasts a talented cast, incredible fight sequences and the most fascinating, complex villains. Plus, the series does a solid job of exploring how religion and science can work together.

But first off, let's talk about the amazing cast. Alba Baptista is simply phenomenal as Ava, a whip-smart, pop culture-loving teen who goes from being self-absorbed to being a bad-ass demon-slayer. Kristina Tonteri-Young shines as Ava's love interest, Sister Beatrice, who embodies a quiet strength and can steal any scene with her snarky humor. And then of course, there's season one's Toya Turner, who plays Mary—a no-nonsense nun who proves to be more complicated than most would expect.

It's refreshing to see the nuns portrayed as three-dimensional women with lives outside of their church responsibilities, but there are definitely moments where villainous characters are even more entertaining to watch. We won't include any spoilers, but let's just say that they're truly sinister and there's way more to them than meets the eye.

warrior nun

Another plus? The show is action-packed and there's never a dull moment, whether it's that epic hallway fight scene between Sister Beatrice and the guards or Ava's intense battle against Adriel and Lilith.

But perhaps the most compelling part of the show is how it blurs the line between science and religion. Warrior Nun takes on Catholicism and the mythology of the halo, but it also factors in modern-day technology and doesn't dismiss science or logical reasoning in the process.

We could go on (and on) about the show's positives, from its shocking twists to its LGBTQ+ representation. But after flying through both seasons, we're already sold and seriously hoping for a third—especially after that wild season two finale.

Netflix, do us a favor and bring this underrated gem back, please and thanks.

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