The ‘Virgin River’ IG Account Just Teased a Major Twist Coming in Season 5

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

This is not a drill: Virgin River just hinted at a potential reveal that would answer one of our biggest questions in the upcoming fifth season.

A few short weeks ago, the official Virgin River Instagram page posted a photo of Charmaine (played by Lauren Hammersley) and opened the floor to fans to share their theories on who they think the father of her babies could be. The account wrote, “Let us know your prediction.” The word “prediction” led fans to believe that a paternity reveal could be imminent and that they will finally get the answer in the next season.

Okay, here’s a quick refresher: In the final episode of season four, Charmaine tells Jack (Martin Henderson) that he isn’t the father of the twins, and she kept it a secret. And clearly this is a secret she’s been keeping since all the way back in season one.

Mike from 'Virgin River.'

So, who could the father be?! In the comment section of the post, fans gave some of their best guesses, with one person writing, “Honestly, I think it’s Brady.” Another person said, “Something tells me it’s Calvin.” 

But, there is one fan who wholeheartedly believes that it could be Mike and had the facts to back it up. “It's Mike,” the fan wrote. “Because during their Marine reunion, Jack admitted that Charmaine was pregnant and Mike’s response was ‘Whoa Jesus, I didn’t know you were still seeing her.’ And since that date, he decided to stay around in Virgin River.”

Charmaine and Todd Virgin River CAT

In the past, we’ve speculated that Mike could be the biological father of Charmaine’s babies. Our evidence? Thinking back to the season four finale, Mike’s reaction to the news appears to be a little too suspicious. While Jack and Charmaine were together, she had a secret affair with Mike. Now that we know Jack isn’t the father, the odds of Mike being the dad are exceptionally high. Oh, and recalling the stunned look on Mike’s face when he found out the news pretty much tells us he believes it too.

Netflix, where is the release date?

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