30 Funny Valentine's Day Memes That Prove Love Is Absolutely Ridiculous

It’s only a matter of time before couples start to fill our social feeds with lovey-dovey tributes and cute photos. But who says that people in relationships are the only ones who can enjoy Valentine’s Day?

Maybe you’re a proud singleton who’s planning a full day of self-care with your gal pals. Or maybe you’re in a relationship and you plan to go all out for your partner—complete with chocolates, flowers and the works. Either way, we could all benefit from poking fun at the commercialized holiday (and enjoy some laughs while we’re at it). See 30 Valentine’s Day memes to share with your BFFs.

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1. A Welcome “surprise”

Who says you need another person to feel special on Feb. 14?

2. When The Valentine You Get Isn’t What You Expect

How considerate of Kelly’s dentist...

3. When Love Doesn’t Smell So Pleasant

No harm in cracking a window or two.

4. When You Create The Ultimate V-day To-do List.

Mission accomplished.

5. When You Have The Sweetest Valentine

Bonus points if that candy bowl has M&M’s.

6. The Real Reason Why We Don’t Have A Valentine

Jackie Burkhart just gets us.

7. When You Want To Declare Your Love

"You have unrightfully taken my vital organ" is probably the most romantic line we’ve heard in a while.

8. What About All The Other Days Of The Year?

Sounds like a solid idea.

9. When You Can’t Escape What’s Coming

Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

10. The Best Valentine’s Day

Leave it up to Dwight to create a lucrative side-hustle on V-Day.

11. Cheesy Pick-up Lines, Ftw

Guess we’ll take this material over polyester.

12. When You Suspect Your Crush Is Out There, But Too Shy To Speak Up

This just might give them the nudge they need.

13. A Visual Graph Of Our V-day Status

One of the most accurate pie charts we've ever seen.

14. When You Or Your Partner Forget All About Valentine's Day

And this is why Feb. 13 is one of the busiest days of the year for gift shops.

15. When You Feel Like The Third Wheel

We’ve all been there before.

16. When You Realize That Being Single Saves You Money

Being single works wonders for one’s bank account.

17. What It’s Really Like To Scroll Through Your Feed On Valentine’s Day

Oh, we know the feeling, Edd.

18. Decoding V-day Texts Is An Acquired Skill

This one goes out to our BFFs for talking us through every text.

19. When Anyone Asks About Your Plans For Valentine’s Day

*Add an abundance of snacks and Netflix and we'll be just fine*

20. Valentines Don’t Have To Be Human

Pets make the best Valentines, TBH.

21. When You’re Feeling Lucky And You Need A Pick-up Line

This is so much more romantic than saying they're made of tissues and organs.

22. When You Have To Set The Record Straight

Well, science proves it.

23. When You’re Asked This Silly Question

We call it Friday. Others call it Valentine’s Day.

24. When Someone Asks If You Have A Date

In that case, we all have a date.

25. The Best Plans For Movie Night

One of the biggest benefits of being single? Not having to share your popcorn on movie nights.

26. When You Realize That Capitalizing On Major Candy Sales Is The Best Part Of Valentine’s Day

Where is the lie?

27. All We Really Need To Celebrate

Name a better combo.

28. When Every Card Isle Is Full The Day Before Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I almost forgot Valentine’s Day” like a last minute card. But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

29. When Even Your Groceries Have A Date.

Someone’s getting spoiled for Valentine’s Day.

30. When You’re Doing V-day Han's Style

One of the best ways to celebrate.

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