15 of the Best Chocolate Subscription Boxes to Gift Family and Friends (Or, You Know, Yourself)

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Feel like you could use a little bit of comfort delivered to your doorstep these days? Same. Fortunately, you can have exactly that if you sign up for a chocolate subscription box—an ingenious service that sends a steady supply of high-quality chocolate straight to your home, so you can eat your feelings whenever you want. (No judgment.) Yep, there’s a subscription box for everything and we’re totally here for it. However, there is an overwhelming number of options out there, so a little guidance might go a long way to helping you select the package that best satisfies your sweet tooth. That’s why we put together a roundup of the best chocolate subscription boxes around—just pick one of these winners and you’ll be able to curl up with a scrumptious candy bar on the regular.

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chocolate subscription box candy club
Candy Club

1. Candy Club

For those of us (raises hand) who can’t choose between chocolate or candy, sign on for this monthly subscription to satisfy your sweet tooth each and every month. The basic subscription includes six 6-ounce cups of sweet treats featuring various chocolate and non-chocolate picks, but if you’re pleased with the product you can upgrade to 13 cups and really go to town. The service also offers a limited customization option: You can select whether you prefer mostly sweet or mostly sour—the former guarantees more chocolate.

chocolate subscription box bookbrews

2. Bookbrews Subscription

You love chocolate but you can’t really justify a monthly subscription for a singular indulgence. Makes sense...and, in this case, so does the monthly BookBrews box. This recurring gift package contains a contemporary book in a genre of your choosing, a package of high-quality coffee or tea, and an artisanal chocolate bar (yum). Basically, this is the subscription box that you’re going to want to cozy up with all winter long.

chocolate subscription box harry and david
Harry & David

3. Harry & David Chocolate Of The Month Club

Harry and David, wherever they may be, are innovative veterans of the gourmet food market—and their chocolate subscription box definitely lives up to the legacy. All of the chocolates they feature in their boxes are made in-house and run the gamut from chocolate covered cherries to classic truffles. You can’t pick and choose, per se, but the full year’s menu has been made available (each month has a delicious theme), so it’s easy enough to time your 3-month subscription depending on whether you prefer milk or dark, fruity or salty chocolate sweets.

chocolate subscription box jackies chocolate club

4. Jackie’s Chocolate Club

Jackie is no joke among chocolate aficionados. In fact, this chocolatier has something of a cult-following. Her fudge, creamy truffles and even sugar-free treats get rave reviews from subscribers who sign up for this monthly 15-piece per box delivery. Bottom line: Everything you get from Jackie will go down easy. Why? Because her chocolates are downright delicious across the board box.

chocolate subscription box hukitchen

5. Hu Chocolate Bundle

The chocolate lovers behind Hu’s subscription box make no bones about the fact that they value health and humanity above all else. And fortunately for us, these priorities pair quite nicely with a bar of chocolate. This variety pack includes eight different flavors of Hu chocolate bars, all of which are paleo-friendly and vegan, so if you have a special diet this might be the subscription your sweet tooth has been waiting for.

chocolate subscription box chocolate of the month club
Chocolate of the Month Club

6. Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club

Good news: You don’t have to commit to a single chocolatier to get candies delivered to your doorstep every month. The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club sends a curated selection of small batch, artisanal chocolates from the best chocolatiers around the world, plus a monthly newsletter to help you identify what you’re eating. Each box is filled with approximately one pound of cocoa creations and the benefit of this subscription is that it offers variety without sacrificing premium quality.

chocolate subscription box bar and cocoa
Bar and Cocoa

7. Bar And Cocoa Dark Chocolate Club

If you’re a fan of milk chocolate, look elsewhere because the bar and cocoa box includes only dark, dairy-free candy bars. That said, Bar and Cocoa works exclusively with craft bean-to-bar chocolate makers who value sustainability and ethical trade. Chocolate aficionados will appreciate the brand’s approach because the end result is a box of premium, often single-origin chocolate that’s set apart by its bold, unadulterated flavor. Sign up for this one and you’ll get four gluten-free bars of dark chocolate from different origins every month. Yum.

chocolate subscription box speach

8. Speach’s Chocoholic Survival Subscription Box

This well-rounded selection of sweet treats includes a combination of milk, white and dark chocolate every month—so there’s something for everyone. The small size includes a total of six hand-picked and hand-made chocolates, but you can always upgrade to a medium or extra-large box, which you may very well want to do because chocolate lovers give this one rave reviews. Tip: The dark chocolate covered potato chips are dangerously delicious.

chocolate subscription box standard cocoa
Standard Cocoa

9. Standard Cocoa Subscription Box

Standard Cocoa offers a simple and straightforward chocolate subscription service that includes three bars of chocolate in every box, all of which come from different premium craft chocolate makers (so no, you won’t get a Hershey bar). Best of all, each box includes a write-up of the different chocolatiers, information on how to get your favorites straight from the source, and sometimes promotional codes and discounts. Unlike some of the other subscriptions, Standard Cocoa also offers a one-month option that doesn’t involve recurring payments—you know, in case you want to take the service for a test drive.

chocolate subscription box cococlectic

10. Cococlectic Chocolate Subscription

Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and all American, this subscription checks all the boxes in terms of dietary restrictions and the American-made dark chocolate they feature is small-batch, single-origin and darn good. Sign up to chow down on four full-size chocolate bars every month and discover the best bean-to-bar chocolate makers across the fifty states.

chocolate subscription box mystery chocolate box
Mystery Chocolate Box

11. Mystery Chocolate Box

A decadent delivery and entertaining guessing game in one, the mystery chocolate box subscription is a playful way to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Here’s how it works: Each month you’ll receive a surprise box with three gourmet chocolate bars, none of which are labelled, as well as guessing cards for each one. Round up your family and friends for a blind tasting and name-that-ingredient game, and then submit your final guesses on the site for immediate feedback. This pick is a one-of-a-kind subscription that serves up delicious chocolate and collaborative fun.

chocolate subscription box kekao

12. Kekao Monthly Subscription Box

Kekao is another highly regarded subscription service that offers four to five fine chocolate bars per month from craft chocolate makers around the world. The selection includes products from lesser-known, up-and-coming chocolatiers as well as some more established artisans, but the emphasis is on small-batch and high-quality goods. Bonus: If you fall in love with one of the bars, you can buy more on their online store.

chocolate subscription box vosges

13. Vosges Signature Club Haut-chocolat

If you haven’t tried Vosges chocolate before, your mind will be completely blown by this tasty subscription. The founder, a former apprentice to Ferran and Albert Adria of the famed El Bulli restaurant in Spain, refers to her chocolate-making method as alchemy. But before you roll your eyes, taste her chocolate—you just might start believing in magic. Vosges truffles and chocolates feature a unique combination of spices and ingredients from across the globe and each one is truly an experience to taste. The signature club serves up to three Vosges collections a month so you can work your way through the world-class selection.

chocolate subscription box wei
Wei of Chocolate

14. Wei Of Chocolate Subscription Box

Wei of Chocolate sends its subscribers a box of 30 pieces of premium fair trade dark chocolate each month, and every bar is gluten-free, soy-free and vegan. The artisans behind the brand produce a variety of dark chocolate bars, many of which are infused with palate-pleasing flavors (cardamom and rose, citrus, chai). Their philosophy focuses on wellness, so it’s no surprise that this chocolate will make you feel pretty damn good.

chocolate subscription box nettys

15. Netty’s Craft Brownie Box

If you prefer to get your chocolate fix in a chewy baked good, check out Netty’s craft brownie box, which features a 16-piece selection of rich brownie bites, hand-dipped in chocolate and flavored with everything from sea salt to espresso. Each box contains a collection of classic flavors as well as some seasonal specials, and these decadent treats are hand-cut and made fresh to order so the quality can’t be beat.

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