Netflix Doubled the Prize Money for ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 3—Here’s the First Official Trailer

This brand-new Netflix trailer is nearly too hot to handle. (Sorry, had to.)

The streaming service just released the first official teaser for Too Hot to Handle season three, which follows a group of single contestants who travel to a tropical paradise in the hopes of finding love (and winning the grand prize). But in order to win, they must keep their hands to themselves.

The trailer offers a glimpse into the cheesy one-liners the contestants will use on each other. One person says, “I don’t want to be doing this with anyone but you.” Another adds, “This is the first time in a long time that I’m open to love.” Someone else continues, “Spending time with you and getting to know you, it just feels natural.”

Just then, the singles are introduced to a game-changing chaperone, Lana. The virtual assistant explains the rules of the show, which include: “No kissing. No heavy petting. And no sex of any kind.”

“Each time the rules are broken, money will be deducted,” Lana continues, referring to the highly coveted jackpot that’s rewarded at the end of the season. Unlike past installments, the prize is now doubled to $200,000. Of course, the contestants are bound to push the limits, so that number is simply a starting point.

Who will break the rules to satisfy their urges? And who will (and won’t) develop real connections? Guess we’ll have to wait until Too Hot to Handle season three hits Netflix on January 19.

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