This Brand-New Wanda Sykes Sitcom Just Hit #2 on Netflix—and It Looks Pretty Damn Funny

Cue the canned laughter, because Mike Epps and Wanda Sykes are teaming up for an all-new sitcom.

Introducing The Upshaws, which is pretty much a cross between Family Reunion and Fuller House. The series just premiered on Netflix earlier this week, and it’s already claimed the number two spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched shows.

The Upshaws focuses on a working-class Black family in Indiana, who are simply trying to make ends meet. Together, they tackle everyday struggles, like baby mamas, job interviews and helicopter parents.

“I gotta be there for my kids,” Epps says in the clip. “My dad was no good, so it made me do some messed up stuff back in the day.” Just then, Sykes barges in and says, “Back in the day? You did some ignorant stuff this morning.” To which Epps responds, “Where did you come from? No one said your name three times.”

Of course, The Upshaws is also filled with loads of typical sitcom humor. “You know what, you ain’t got to worry about me ever asking for nothing again,” Epps says. And then adds, “You got a phone charger? My phone down to two percent.”

In addition to Epps and Sykes, the show stars Diamond Lyons, Kim Fields, Journey Christine, Michel Estime and Jermelle Simon. Epps and Sykes also served as executive producers alongside Regina Y. Hicks (Insecure) and Page Hurwitz (Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia).

The Upshaws is now streaming on Netflix.

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