Who Is Talia Jackson? 5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About the ‘Family Reunion’ Star

Meet Talia Jackson, an up-and-coming actress who’s quickly making a name for herself in Hollywood. While she’s widely known for playing Jade on Netflix’s Family Reunion, we recently sat down with Jackson to find out even more about her life and career.

From her music to her off-screen relationship with the cast, keep reading for some fun and interesting facts about Talia Jackson.

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1. Who Is Talia Jackson?

She’s an 18-year-old actress and singer who’s just getting her start in the industry. Jackson got her big break in 2018 when she landed the role of Jade in Netflix’s Family Reunion, starring Anthony Alabi and Tia Mowry.

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2. Does She Get Along With Her Co-stars?

That’s a given. Not only does Jackson genuinely enjoy hanging out with the cast, but she’s also developed a close relationship with her on-screen parents, Alabi (Moz) and Mowry (Cocoa).

“Oh, they’re the best,” Jackson exclusively told PureWow. “I love Tia and Anthony and even though I do play the kid, I always end up hanging out with them on set or during rehearsals.”

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John P. Fleenor/Netflix

3. How's Her Off-screen Relationship With Tia Mowry?

Pretty dang solid. Jackson revealed that Mowry always has the best advice, since she knows what it’s like growing up in the spotlight. “She always had some good lessons and good stuff to teach me because I feel like she really understands what it’s like to be a mixed female teen in the industry,” she said.

To no surprise, Jackson isn’t the only cast member who feels this way about Mowry. “She’s so motherly and warm. She’s all of our second mom on set,” she added. “She’s always trying to take care of us and like wants to get us food and make sure we ate food, make sure we’re OK. We’re not too hot, we get our water and stuff like that.”

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4. Does She Have Social Media?

Yes, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, Jackson admitted that she deleted her Instagram account when Family Reunion first hit Netflix due to the backlash she received from fans.

“When the show first came out, I literally had to delete Instagram from my phone because all of the comments on there were negative toward me in a sense,” Jackson exclusively told PureWow. “Like ‘Why is she so light?’ ‘Why is she trying to play a black girl?’ I’m not trying to play a black girl. I’m trying to play a mixed girl.”

Jackson revealed that when Mowry caught wind of the criticism, she immediately reached out and shared some words of advice. “[Mowry] was just very nurturing and helped me kind of understand where they came from,” she added. “But also, not allow that to affect how I proceed in my career.”

5. What's Next For Talia Jackson?

In addition to season two of Family Reunion (which just began production), Jackson has other projects lined up—particularly involving her budding music career. The actress released a brand-new single, “5FIVE,” earlier this month, and the lyrics are already stuck in our head.


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