Netflix’s Terrifying New Show Is Already Creeping Up Their Top 10 List

True-crime fans can’t get enough of Netflix’s latest release, which examines the infamous story of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Introducing The Ripper, a four-part British docuseries. It just premiered on the streaming service earlier this week, and it’s already claimed a spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched TV shows. (It’s ranked among Manhunt: Deadly Games, Tiny Pretty Things and Virgin River.)

So, what’s all the hype about? The Ripper examines the tragic deaths that took place in Northern England in the late ’70s, which were later dubbed the “Yorkshire Ripper murders.” In an attempt to find the person responsible for killing 13 women, England launched one of its biggest (and most notorious) manhunts to date.

Not only does the show introduce viewers to each of the victims, but it also highlights how law enforcement impacted the Yorkshire Ripper’s years-long killing spree. The story is told through candid interviews with survivors, investigators, journalists and the families of victims, so have those tissues on standby.

The Ripper consists of four thrilling installments—“Once Upon a Time in Yorkshire,” “Between Now and Dawn,” “Reclaim the Night” and “Out of the Shadows”—all of which are now streaming on Netflix. Each episode was directed by Jesse Vile (Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet) and Ellena Wood (Life and Death Row).

Happy binge-watching!

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