Keri Russell’s ‘The Diplomat’ Is the #1 Show on Netflix After Just 24 Hours

If you loved FX’s The Americans, then you need to watch Keri Russell’s all-new political thriller.

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Alex Bailey/Netflix

Introducing The Diplomat, which is a cross between The Americans and Scandal. The series just premiered on Netflix on April 20, and it’s already claimed the number one spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched shows.  (It’s currently ranked ahead of Beef, Love Is Blind, Better Call Saul, The Night Agent and Florida Man.)

The story follows a U.S. diplomat named Kate Wyle (Russell) who’s in over her head. Not only is she in the middle of an international crisis, but she’s also taking on a new partnership with the U.K.

Meanwhile, her husband (Rufus Sewell) is offering too much support. As a former politician, he’s struggling to step aside and be a true partner. It doesn’t help that Kate can’t decide how to move forward.

“You want my help, you don’t want my help. I’m the smartest man you ever met, I’m the biggest idiot in the world,” he says in the trailer. “Can’t we admit that I am not the only problem?”

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Courtesy of Netflix

In addition to Russell and Sewell, The Diplomat also stars David Gyasi, Rory Kinnear, Ato Essandoh, Ali Ahn, Jon Moore, Adam Silver, Nana Mensah, Bhav Joshi, Michael McKean and Joey Eden. It’s written and produced by Debora Cahn (The West Wing, Homeland, Grey’s Anatomy).

There go our weekend plans.

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