‘Sweet Magnolias’ Fan Theory Suggests Shocking Revelation About Bill Will Be Unveiled in Season 4

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Sweet Magnolias season three brought us new loves, painful heartbreaks and some unlikely pairings. (Are Lily and Kyle a thing now?!) In case you haven’t heard, all new episodes of Sweet Magnolias are available to watch now on Netflix

And much like the seasons before this one, fans have already started theorizing possible plotlines (and shocking revelations) that could happen in the fourth season. It’s only been a few days since season three premiered on the streaming platform and there’s already a bizarre fan theory circulating the internet about Maddie’s (JoAnna García Swisher) ex-husband, Bill Townsend (played by Chris Klein). 

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On Reddit, Sad-Sundae-1234 believes Bill may be dealing with a secret illness that no one knows about (not even Maddie and the children). The Redditor posted the question to the Sweet Magnolias Netflix board, which read: “Does Bill have Alzheimer’s?” 

OK, now stay with us. The person cites two different scenes in season three that led them to believe the theory might be true, and could possibly be explored in season four. The user wrote, “He mixed up memories of his kids on the swing, and then had that weird scene with his feet in the mud. Maybe he left out of town to see a doctor?”

Now, this theory may be far-fetched, but we can understand the reasoning behind it. For example, Bill’s health is brought up a few times in the second and third seasons of Sweet Magnolias. In the season two finale, Bill goes to the spa to tell Maddie that he’s Isaac’s (Chris Medlin) biological father. Before he can reveal the news, Maddie thinks Bill is going to reveal that he is sick, but he quickly denies it. 

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His declining health is called into question in season three as well. In the scene that the Reddit user cites, Bill remembers pushing Kate on a swing before she got “sick” at a park playground, but we soon find out he confuses the memory with his other child, Kyle (Logan Allen). While it could have just been a simple mistake, Reddit user Viva912 also speculated that the entire scene “seemed off” for some reason. And the way Kyle looked at his father after the incident shows that he suspects something is not right. Because, if we’re being honest, that whole scene was definitely strange.

As for his reason for leaving town? In the season three finale, Bill shows up to Dana Sue and her husband’s vow renewal ceremony with Ronnie’s sister, Kathy (Wynn Everett), and they try to make amends. His sudden departure from Serenity certainly takes everyone by surprise, especially Maddie. Before he makes his exit, Maddie asks in a worried tone, “Bill?” And he simply doesn’t respond, but instead gives a subtle head nod and leaves. 

Kathy and Bill Sweet Magnolias CAT

Was Bill’s sudden departure because of a possible health scare? Or is he simply looking for a fresh start outside of Serenity? For now, it’s hard to say. But we’re hoping Sweet Magnolias gets renewed for a fourth season so we can find out the truth (*gives Netflix the side eye*).

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