PureWow Entertainment Picks of the Week: From ‘Avatar’ to ‘Back in the Groove’

purewow entertainment picks avatar back in the groove
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There are multiple upcoming debuts—like Emily in Paris, Ginny & Georgia and That ’90s Show—that will be worth the wait. But what’s currently on deck?

We had four editors highlight the best entertainment moments of the week, from the highly anticipated Avatar sequel to the dramatic Harry & Meghan conclusion. Keep scrolling for PureWow’s entertainment picks for the week of December 20, 2022.

PureWow Pick for the Most Visually Stunning Movie: Avatar: The Way of Water

If you thought the lush, vibrant forests of Pandora were impressive in the first film, just wait until you see this sequel, which takes viewers on a mesmerizing, immersive journey through the Pandoran oceans. This time, the Sky People return for revenge, prompting the Sully family to seek refuge with the Metkayina water clan. And the result? A series of dazzling underwater sequences with gorgeous, colorful sea creatures. (For the best experience, you might want to see it in 3D at your nearest theater.) — Nakeisha Campbell, PureWow’s Associate Editor of Entertainment & News

PureWow’s Pick for Most Highly-Anticipated Slasher Film: Scream 6

What’s your favorite scary movie? The notorious killer known as Ghostface is back once again. But instead of Woodsboro, he travels to one of the biggest cities in the world: New York City. The first trailer just dropped for Scream 6 featuring the survivors of Ghostface—Tara (Jenna Ortega), Sam (Melissa Barrera), Chad (Mason Gooding) and Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown)—trying to start a new life in the Big Apple. While this is an entirely new setting for the franchise, we’re really interested to see how the story will be told. — Karelle McKay, PureWow’s Assistant Editor of News & Entertainment

PureWow Pick for Best New Dating Show: Back in the Groove

One of the surprise hits of the season is reality dating show Back in the Groove. The series features three women in their 40s who are trying to recover their groove and find love at a gorgeous tropical location known as The Groove Hotel. The only catch? Some of the available men are half their age. If you liked FBoy Island, you'll love this fun and funny show, now on Hulu. — Philip Mutz, PureWow’s VP of News & Entertainment

PureWow Pick for Most Dramatic Documentary Conclusion: Harry & Meghan

You’ve heard about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s documentary for weeks, but Volume 2 just hit Netflix on December 15. While the first three episodes introduced the couple’s departure from the royal family, the final installments filled in the blanks to create a complete story. Controversy aside, the conclusion was well worth the wait. — Greta Heggeness, PureWow’s Senior Editor of News & Entertainment

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