15 Editors Reveal Their Go-To Comfort Movies That Never Get Old

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When the world can be too much, some of us like to unplug and enjoy things that spark joy. And movies do just that, immersing us into worlds with beloved characters, gorgeous settings and troubles that don’t belong to us. Whether it’s laughing at romantic comedies, crying over dramas or singing along with animated flicks, here are 15 movies that PureWow editors can always count on to turn their mood around.

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purewow editors comfort movies love actually
Universal Pictures

1. Love Actually

“It might be cheesy and have its sad moments (when Emma Thompson opens that Joni Mitchell CD?!), but few things are more comforting than Hugh Grant standing up to the president or Colin Firth marching into a restaurant to declare his love.” — Phil Mutz, VP of News & Entertainment

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime

purewow editors comfort movies youve got mail
Warner Bros. Pictures

2. You’veGoTMail

“I know, I know, the plot is kinda ick (big box bookstore owner puts independent seller out of business and then she falls in love with him), but I can’t get enough of the romanticized New York City vibes, late-‘90s fashion and AIM romance—simpler times! Plus, peak Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.” — Katherine Gillen, Food Editor

Where to watch: Netflix, HBO Max

purewow editors comfort movies ratatouille
Walt Disney Pictures

3. Ratatouille

“Animation has the ability to whisk you away from reality for a few hours. And who doesn’t love seeing someone (in this case, Remy the rodent) beat the odds and change Ego’s heart? Plus, I think it’s incredibly fascinating how they had to record the sounds for every single pot, pan, sizzle, slice, etc. It really makes you appreciate the craft that went into making the movie.” — Stephanie Meraz, Assistant Editor.

Where to watch: Disney+

purewow editors comfort movies school of rock
Paramount Pictures

4. School Of Rock

“I've seen School of Rock too many times to count! Watching a bunch of kids stick it to the man never gets old, especially now that I know what adulting feels like. There are days when I'd give anything for Jack Black to whisk me away from my responsibilities to a concert, preferably on a stolen school bus.” — Taryn Pire, Associate Food Editor.

Where to watch: YouTube

purewow editors comfort movies my cousin vinny
20th Century Studios.

5. My Cousin Vinny

“The writing and jokes are so funny. I also love seeing their outfit choices because obviously, it's so ‘90s. It makes me laugh every time I watch it, and I've seen this film a lotttttt. It just never gets old because it’s just a true classic. Plus, Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei are a *chef’s kiss* combo.” — Rachel Gulmi, Operations Director of Branded Content

Where to watch: HBO Max, Hulu

purewow editors comfort movies cat
Walt Disney Pictures.

6. Hocus Pocus

“​​It was one of my favorite movies growing up. Push aside the entire plot to drain the life force of young mortals by a diabolic trio of witches, there’s something really comforting and lovely about seeing Salem, Massachusetts, in autumn. Plus, as a self-professed cat lady I, of course, love a movie with a talking cat.” — Abby Hepworth, Fashion Editor

Where to watch: Disney+

purewow editors comfort movies i feel pretty
Mark Schfer/Courtesy of STXfilms

7. I Feel Pretty

“Besides the fact that Amy Schumer is just simply hilarious, the underlying message is just so powerful. It reminds you that confidence and believing in yourself is literally like gold.” — Destinee Scott, Assistant Editor

Where to watch: Hulu

purewow editors comfort movies two weeks notice
Warner Bros. Pictures

8. Two Weeks Notice

“The scene where she has to urgently find a bathroom on the highway in gridlocked traffic is my anxiety antidote—like that is a true worst-case scenario—and yet it calms me to see someone as cool as Sandra Bullock go through it. Followed by a gorgeous transition into a helicopter ride over NYC where all your problems (like her pooping incident) suddenly seem so small as she floats past the Gargoyles on the Chrysler Building.” — Rachel Bowie, Senior Editor of Special Projects

Where to watch: HBO Max

purewow editors comfort movies the parent trap
Walt Disney Pictures.

9. TheParent Trap

“It's such a feel-good movie with gorgeous sets and an undeniably happy soundtrack. It also reminds me of my dad since we'd always watch together!” — Catrina Yohay, Managing Editor

Where to watch: Disney+

purewow editors comfort movies empire records
Warner Bros. Pictures

10. Empire Records

“Just 24 hours in the lives of these record store employees/social misfits, all trying to keep their beloved record store from getting shut down. It's fun, it's lighthearted, it's Liv Tyler and Renee Zellweger before they were household names.” — Candace Davison, Executive Editor

Where to watch: Apple TV

purewow editors comfort movies aristocats
Walt Disney Pictures.

11. Aristocats

“I use to watch Aristocats literally every night before bed to help me sleep when I was little. To this day, hearing the song ‘Everybody Wants to Be a Cat’ brings me so much joy and comfort.” — Nathalie Feingold, Affiliate Content Resident

Where to watch: Disney+

purewow editors comfort movies shrek 2
Dreamworks Pictures

12. Shrek 2

“As a kid, I loved watching the Shrek movies. I had everything that had to do with the franchise, whether it was collecting toys or owning all the movies on DVD. I love all the movies, but the second one is my favorite. From the jokes to the musical numbers, I loved watching Shrek 2 in my youth. So whenever I watch it now, it kind of brings me back to my childhood, when I didn't have a care in the world.” — Karelle McKay, Assistant Editor of News & Entertainment

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

purewow editors comfort movies the other woman
Photo by Barry Wetcher/20th Century Pictures

13.The Other Woman

“​​There's something really comforting to watch a woman-based movie about taking your power back from a scummy man. The cast is so fun, and I'm a sucker for a Leslie Mann flick. Every time I put it on I instantly just wanna have a glass of wine and laugh and cry with the characters.” — Olivia Kappler, Commerce Editor

Where to watch: HBO Max, Hulu

purewow editors comfort movies pride and prejudice
Focus Features

14. Pride & Prejudice

“I love Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightley; the sweeping English countryside shots are so calming and Darcy is my one true love.” — Roberta Fiorito, Senior Editor of Branded Content

Where to watch: Vudu, Amazon Prime

purewow editors comfort movies harry potter
Warner Bros. Pictures

15.Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

“OK, the whole Harry Potter series is my comfort, but if I had to choose one, it’d be the third film. There are so many scenes that give me immense joy. From Harry casting his Patronus to save himself, the introduction of Sirius and Lupin, and all the plot twists, it's the best movie to quote every time.” — Chelsea Candelario, Assistant Editor

Where to watch: HBO Max

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