Netflix’s New Movie ‘Players’ Will Make You Fall in Love with Gina Rodriguez All Over Again

Gina Rodriguez steals the show

players gina rodriguez netflix review
K.C. Bailey/Netflix

Gina Rodriguez originally stole America’s hearts as a lovable leading lady in Jane the Virgin. Since then, the 39-year-old actress has continued to make a name for herself in television shows (Not Dead Yet) and films (Someone Great). However, her latest role in Netflix’s Players might be our favorite to date. 

The brand-new rom-com is now available to stream on Netflix, and it’s bound to land a spot on the streaming service’s top-rated charts thanks to its stellar cast and easy-to-follow story line. Keep scrolling for an honest review of Players.

players gina rodriguez netflix review romantic comedy
K.C. Bailey/Netflix

What Is Players About?

The story follows a group of friends who treat dating like a game. As in, they have a playbook of clever scenarios they act out to get other people’s attention at the bar. This includes everything from pretending to break up in front of a love interest to staging a phone call about getting stood up. The goal is to score a hookup and forget about it the next day. 

Well, everything changes when Mackenzie (Rodriguez), or “Mack,” meets a man who’s worth playing for keeps. Of course, there’s one problem. She doesn’t realize his potential until *after* she targets him and runs a play. 

Now Mack must find a clever way to escape one-night stand territory and become a suitable love interest. For someone who’s spent years playing the field, this is easier said than done.

players gina rodriguez netflix review cast
K.C. Bailey/Netflix

Why Is Players Worth the Watch?

The plot goes beyond your typical rom-com because it doesn’t solely focus on Mack’s relationship with a potential new suitor. It also explores her friendship with her best friend, Adam (Damon Wayans Jr.), and how it changes when someone new enters the picture. You’ll find yourself torn between rooting for the new relationship and wanting things to go back to the way they were. 

It can sometimes be difficult for a female lead to stand out in a male-dominated cast. (FYI, Mack is the only woman in the group of “players.”) But Rodriguez effortlessly steals the show without diminishing the importance of the supporting characters. 

This is largely due to Rodriguez’s character being extremely charming and likable, even though she’s an expert at playing the field. Her witty banter draws you in to the point where you can’t help but root for her.

PureWow Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars

With so many streaming options at our fingertips, we rarely stumble upon an unpredictable rom-com with a storyline that hasn’t been explored many times before. Luckily, Players is one of a kind. 

The film leans heavily into comedy with a minor focus on romance. It offers an eye-opening lesson on hookup culture and how it can affect one’s ability to maintain a committed relationship. 

The plot uses sports references to minimize cheesiness, making it an ideal option to enjoy with a friend or a partner (even if he/she doesn’t typically like rom-coms). Whether you watch for Rodriguez’s stellar performance or for pure entertainment value, you’ll be pleased you did. 

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