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There’s only one thing we’re more obsessed with than the Olympics, and that’s seeing the hilarious tweets, GIFs and memes fans create after the events. We didn’t think anything could beat Phelps face, but the tennis final between Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro opened up a whole new world of amazingness. Imgur user Factionman totally blew our minds. Let us explain.

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WEB OlympicsMemes List1

This is What the Match Looked Like on TV

Looks pretty normal, right? Well, all that green makes it super easy to plug your own background in.

WEB OlympicsMemes List2

So They Could Be Playing on Lava

Ouch, guys, don’t burn yourselves.

WEB OlympicsMemes List31

Or in Outer Space

…Just don’t hit the big dipper.

OlympicsMemes List4

Or in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

We’d totally pay to see this movie.

OlympicsMemes List5

Or Under the Sea

Wait, did we just see Sebastian swim by?

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