Why Everyone Loves Olivia Colman’s Romantic Drama ‘Empire of Light’ So Much

Which new film has an enticing storyline, a passionate love story, and actress Olivia Colman playing the leading lady all in one? That would be the romantic (and don’t forget Oscar-nominated) drama Empire of Light.

The movie came out in December of last year and was quickly able to capture the hearts of many. In case you don’t already know the plot, let us give you a quick summary.

Empire of Light, which takes place in an English coastal town in the early 1980s, follows a duty manager named Hilary (Colman), who works at a movie theater and falls deeply in love with her new coworker (Michael Ward).

The film received stellar reviews from critics, with publications like The Guardian stating, “Olivia Colman shines in Sam Mendes’ darkening hymn to cinema.”

Directed, written and produced by Sam Mendes, who created beloved films like American Beauty and 1917, the film tackles several impactful topics like mental health and racism.

Olivia Colman starring in 'Empire of Light.'
Searchlight Pictures/IMDb

Empire of Light also features a talented ensemble cast, which includes Tom Brooke (The Crown), Tanya Moodie (Ten Percent), Hannah Onslow (Ridley Road), Crystal Clarke (Sanditon), Monica Dolan and more. In addition to that, the theatrical romance earned a single nomination at the 95th Academy Awards for the Best Cinematography category.

Want to watch the romantic drama for yourself? Well, you’re in luck, because Empire of Light is currently streaming now on HBO Max. 

We know what we’re watching tonight.

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