This New Intense Thriller Is Now the #2 Most Watched Show on Netflix (and It Looks So Good)

This show has twists and turns

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Dear Child German Show Netflix CAT2

Sorry Dear Child, there is a new #1 show in town.

Earlier this month, the new German limited series debuted on Netflix, and it didn’t take long for the foreign drama to claim the number one spot on the streamer’s list of top ten shows. The thriller series has occupied the top slot since its debut…until today. Virgin River is now the top show on the list, with Dear Child sitting at the second spot. 

And while the drama has been dethroned, it is still an absolute must-watch. In the span of six episodes, Dear Child (which is based on Romy Hausmann’s bestselling novel of the same name) tells the story of an injured woman who escapes captivity with two kids. 

To find the mysterious abductor, investigators must uncover the truth behind the woman’s unsolved disappearance that happened 13 years earlier. 

Just over a month ago, Netflix released the official trailer for the new limited series. The teaser begins with one of the survivors, Hannah (Naila Schuberth), talking to the police. “Hi, Hannah,” the unidentified person says off-camera. “May I ask you some questions?”

As investigators try to figure out the identity of the abductor, Hannah and Jonathan (Sammy Schrein) are trying to keep what happened in the forest a secret. While drawing a picture of her family home, a person from law enforcement asks, “Is this your home?” And Hannah vaguely answers, “I can’t answer that.” 

Hannah Dear Child Netflix CAT

And if we didn’t have enough questions already, the teaser ends with the audience hearing Hannah’s inner thoughts. “I remember everything exactly,” she says in her mind. “I did everything right. I am a big girl.”

Dear Child features a talented ensemble cast, including Kim Riedle (Jasmin), Haley Louise Jones (Aida), Julika Jenkins (Karin), Hans Löw (Gerd) and Justus von Dohnányi (Matthias). 

Police Officers Dear Child Netflix CAT

Now we know what show we’re watching after Virgin River season five. 

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