The World’s Richest Cat Has a Net Worth of $100 Million (No, We’re Not Joking)

We live in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable for your pet to have more Instagram followers than you. Still, we never realized how much money these four-legged influencers are raking in…until now.

Introducing Nala Cat, the richest cat in the world. According to, the feline has a net worth of $100 million. (Just let that sink in.)

Most of Nala Cat’s income stems from her successful Instagram page, where she boasts 4.4 million—and counting—followers. (FYI, she currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most Instagram followers for a cat.) In addition to paid advertising on social media, the feline also owns a self-titled cat food company: Love, Nala.

Nala Cat is ranked second on the list of world’s richest pets behind a German shepherd named Gunther VI (worth $500 million). However, she’s the wealthiest of her species. And her fortune was earned, whereas Gunther VI’s net worth was “inherited” and “invested.”

Nala Cat is followed by another famous feline, Olivia Benson (owned by Taylor Swift). Olivia is ranked third with a net worth of $97 million, thanks to merchandise sales and music video appearances.

This is paws-itively absurd. (Sorry, had to.)


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