20 Best Musicals on Netflix Right Now, from ‘Vivo’ to ‘Hairspray’

Ah, musicals. They’re the kind of movies that’ll make you bust a move in the middle of your living room or hum a tune for days on end. (FYI, "My Own Drum" from Vivo is still stuck in our head.) But if there’s one thing we appreciate about these films, it’s their ability to enhance storytelling through song and—if we’re lucky—synchronized dancing. Keep reading for the 20 best musicals on Netflix you can stream right now.

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1. ‘get On Up’ (2014)

Who’s in it? Chadwick Boseman, Nelsan Ellis, Dan Aykroyd, Viola Davis

What’s it about? Chadwick Boseman steals the show as the legendary James Brown, better known as Godfather of Soul. In this eye-opening biographical musical, Brown recounts his childhood experiences, his time behind bars and his quick rise to fame. Get ready to move your feet.

2. ‘been So Long’ (2018)

Who’s in it? Michaela Coel, Arinzé Kene, George MacKay, Joe Dempsie

What’s it about? I May Destroy You’s Michaela Coel flexes her acting and singing skills as a young single mother named Simone. She meets and falls for a charming stranger with a dark past—but can she trust him?

3. ‘jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key, Hugh Bonneville, Anika Noni Rose, Phylicia Rashad

What’s it about? Several years after his apprentice steals his most prized invention, a skilled inventor (Forest Whitaker) completely loses his spark. But when his brilliant granddaughter comes into his life, he realizes that there’s still hope. Disclaimer: "This Day" will be stuck in your head for days.

4. ‘over The Moon’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo, Ken Jeong, John Cho, Sandra Oh

What’s it about? Although her friends and relatives insist that Chang'e, goddess of the moon, is only a myth, 13-year-old Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) builds a rocket to prove them all wrong.

5. ‘vivo’ (2021)

Who’s in it? Lin-Manuel Miranda, Zoe Saldana, Juan de Marcos, Brian Tyree Henry, Gloria Estefan

What’s it about? A musically talented kinkajou from Cuba travels to America to deliver an important message to legendary singer, Marta Sandoval (Gloria Estefan). If you're a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda's work, then you’re in for a special treat.

6. ‘christmas On The Square’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Dolly Parton, Christine Baranski, Jenifer Lewis, Treat Williams

What’s it about? A bitter woman returns to her hometown to sell the land and evict all the residents by Christmas Eve. When an angel arrives, they soon realize that hope isn’t lost. Dolly Parton singing holiday tunes while dressed as an angel? Sign us up.

7. ‘i Am Woman’ (2019)

Who’s in it? Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Danielle Macdonald Evan, Peters

What’s it about? Tilda Cobham-Hervey plays Australian-American star Helen Reddy, who went from a struggling single mom to a feminist icon and one of biggest stars of her generation. This eye-opening biography will have you humming her famous anthem, "I Am Woman.”

8. ‘a Week Away’ (2021)

Who’s in it? Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, David Koechner, Sherri Shepherd

What’s it about? After getting in trouble with the law, a teenager named Will (Kevin Quinn) must decide between going to juvie and attending summer camp. He chooses the latter and embarks on a journey that completely changes his life and outlook.

9. ‘leap!’ (2016)

Who’s in it? Elle Fanning, Dane DeHaan, Maddie Ziegler, Carly Rae Jepsen

What’s it about? Graceful pirouettes, feel-good songs and inspiring characters are some of the things you’ll find in Leap! Set in 1880s France, the film follows an 11-year-old aspiring ballerina, who escapes from her orphanage and heads to Paris in hope of making it big.

10. ‘work It’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Sabrina Carpenter, Liza Koshy, Keiynan Lonsdale, Michelle Buteau, Jordan Fisher

What’s it about? Cue the teen angst and pop culture references. Sabrina Carpenter is Quinn Ackerman, a quirky high school senior who realizes that she must work harder to stand out in her college applications. Her plan? To form her own dance team and compete against the elites in a competition called “Work It.”

11. ‘the Prom’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Keegan-Michael Key, Kerry Washington

What’s it about? A group of Broadway stars travel to a conservative town to rally behind a lesbian teen, who was banned from attending prom with her girlfriend. (Also, yes to Nicole Kidman giving us all the spunk).

12. ‘my Fair Lady’ (1964)

Who’s in it? Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Stanley Holloway, Gladys Cooper

What’s it about? Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), a Cockney flower seller, agrees to take speech lessons from a prideful professor, Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison), who swears he can transform her into a well-spoken woman. Fun fact: My Fair Lady, which won eight Academy Awards, was the second highest-grossing film in 1964.

13. ‘eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens, Melissanthi Mahut

What’s it about? Even if you're not familiar with the popular songwriting competition, Eurovision Song Contest has got a lot going for it, from surprise cameos to seriously catchy sing-alongs. In the film, two BFFs and small-town singers navigate the ups and downs of competing in a global music competition.

14. ‘les Misérables’ (2012)

Who’s in it? Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried

What’s it about? Yes, yes, we know that it's more than two hours long, but let’s face it, Anne Hathaway's rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" is nothing short of brilliant. The film follows a former prisoner, who breaks his parole to get a fresh start. This proves to be a challenge, because an officer from his past is determined to throw him back in prison.

15. ‘ma Rainey's Black Bottom’ (2020)

Who’s in it? Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Glynn Turman, Colman Domingo

What’s it about? Viola Davis is remarkable as legendary blues singer Ma Rainey in this ’20s biographical musical, which takes place in the ’20s in Chicago and highlights her tense relationship with her manager.

16. ‘love Beats Rhymes’ (2016)

Who’s in it? Lorraine Toussaint, Jill Scott, Lucien Laviscount, MC Jin, Hana Mae Lee, Azealia Banks

What’s it about? A young female rapper dreams of becoming a star in the hip-hop industry, but her parents insist that she finish attending college before making her move. Soon after, her peers take notice of her remarkable talents.

17. ‘roxanne Roxanne’ (2017)

Who’s in it? Chanté Adams, Mahershala Ali, Nia Long, Elvis Nolasco

What’s it about? The biographical drama follows the true story of famous rapper Roxanne Shanté, documenting her troubled relationship with her mother and her rise to fame.

18. ‘opening Night’ (2016)

Who’s in it? Topher Grace, Alona Tal, Anne Heche, Taye Diggs

What’s it about? A former Broadway singer turned production manager finds himself in a bit of a pickle when his chaotic cast and crew threaten to ruin his new production on opening night.

19. ‘shrek The Musical’ (2013)

Who’s in it? Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory

What’s it about? Everyone’s favorite green ogre takes on Broadway and captures the magic of the original film. Per usual, Shrek (Brian d'Arcy James) and Donkey (Chester Gregory) are a riot. But this time, it’s Fiona (Sutton Foster) who steals the show.

20. ‘hairspray’ (2007)

Who’s in it? Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Queen Latifah

What’s it about? When Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) auditions for a spot on The Corny Collins Show, she becomes an overnight sensation. But with her newfound fame comes a rare opportunity to promote more diversity on television. Popular numbers from the original play, including "You Can't Stop the Beat," are sure to get you up and dancing.

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