Mina Sundwall: 4 Things You Didn’t Know About the ‘Lost in Space’ Actress

If you’re like us, you spent a good portion of your holiday bingeing season two of Lost in Space on Netflix.

And as we were watching our fav girl Penny Robinson on screen, we realized we didn’t know too much about the actress who portrays her—Mina Sundwall. Here are four things to know about the 18-year-old rising star.

mina sundwall
Leigh Vogel /Getty Images

1. She’s Originally From New York City

Sundwall was born on October 23, 2001 in NYC to parents Fredrik Sundwall and Nadia Leonelli.

She was raised an only child in New York, although she spent parts of her childhood in Europe—specifically France and Madrid.

2. Her First Acting Job Was When She Was 8 Months Old

Yep, before she was even a year old, Sundwall was cast as a kidnapped baby.

Then, her first official television show was in 2012 when she played the role of Kathy in an episode of the documentary series Celebrity Ghost Stories. And in 2014, she appeared in a number of films including First Prize and A Good Marriage.

However, the following year is when the 18-year-old’s career really took off. She played the role of Francesca in #Horror, and was cast in the films Freeheld and Maggie’s Plan.

3. She Is Currently Worth About $250,000

The bulk of Sundwall’s wealth comes from her work on the Netflix show Lost in Space.

The sci-fi series is set 30 years in the future and centers on the Robinson family—a seemingly normal clan who’s selected to try their hand at colonizing a new planet. But the aspiring colonists get lost on their way to their new extraterrestrial home and must work together to survive their dangerous environment that’s light-years away from their original destination. Sundwall plays Penny Robinson, one of the children of the Robinson family.

4. If Given The Chance, She Wouldn’t Actually Go To Space

While promoting the new season, the LIS star took some time to talk exclusively with PureWow and revealed that the idea of traveling to space actually scares her.

“I’m very scared of it in the sense of I’m not a very big fan of the dark and that feeling of being isolated and having no way of getting back to where you came from,” Sundwall said. “But if I were to go, I mean I would want to be with Neil Armstrong or someone with experience. If there was a way to be one hundred percent certain that nothing would ever go wrong and if it had been done a thousand times and was as common as taking an airplane trip, maybe I would consider it. But not yet.”

We totally agree.