Here’s Why Michael A. Is a Top Contender to Become the Next Bachelor

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Bachelorette fans were disappointed to learn that Michael A. is leaving Katie Thurston’s season, but we have a gut feeling that he won’t be gone for long. (Three words: The next Bachelor.)

Here’s what you need to know: Michael Allio (let’s call him Michael A. for old times’ sake) first won over America’s heart when he opened up about his wife, Laura, who passed away from cancer. The single dad struggled being separated from his 4-year-old son, James—so much so that he departed the show in last’s night episode. During a video call, the young boy said, “Maybe daddy left because he don’t want to see me,” which made Michael A. regret his decision to stay in the competition.

Despite his surprise departure, we think Michael A. is one of the top contenders to become the next Bachelor. There are two key reasons: ratings and timing.

First, the ratings. There’s no denying that America loves a sad story, especially one that results in a happy ending. Michael A. is probably the only person who can pull The Bachelor franchise out of its recent slump. Besides, the only reason he didn’t follow through with his Bachelorette journey is because he missed his son.

There are several measures ABC can take to make sure that won’t happen again, especially if he’s the lead. For example, the network can house Michael A. in a secluded residence away from the contestants, where he can spend time with James when he’s not dating 20+ women.

Lastly, the timing. We know, we know—Michael A. recently told People that he’s not “sold” on becoming the Bachelor. “I literally just got my heart broken on TV, so I am trying to mend those wings,” he said. However, there’s a good chance ABC will delay the next season of The Bachelor.

For the first time ever, the network announced two Bachelorettes at the same time: Katie Thurston and Michelle Young. While Thurston’s season is currently airing, Young’s journey is now underway and set to premiere in October. This means that ABC will likely wait to announce the next Bachelor until Young’s season concludes, giving Michael A. more than enough time to mend his broken heart. Just saying.

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