5 Surprising Facts About Netflix’s New Must-Watch Series ‘Marriage or Mortgage’

The premiere of Netflix’s upcoming series, Marriage or Mortgage, is right around the corner. That’s why we sat down for an exclusive interview with the show’s two stars: real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller. The pair not only discussed details about Marriage or Mortgage, but they also shared behind-the-scenes secrets about the highly anticipated series.

Here, five things you should know about Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage ahead of the premiere on March 10.

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1. The Stars Didn't Come Up With The Idea

Marriage or Mortgage is pretty much a cross between Selling Sunset and Say I Do, following real-life couples as they decide between 1. throwing the wedding of their dreams or 2. buying their forever home.

Although the series sounds right up our alley, Holmes revealed that they were approached with the concept. “We didn’t come up with the idea, but it was a great idea,” she told PureWow.

Miller added, “The [production company] came to us and got us together.”

marriage or mortgage netflix
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2. They Didn't Know Each Other Prior To 'marriage Or Mortgage'

Yes, you read that right. Prior to joining the show, Holmes and Miller were mere acquaintances. “We didn’t even know each other before,” Holmes explained. “We knew of each other in passing with friends and kids and things like that, so we’d see each other around, but we just never really made the connection and hung out.”

Once they met, the real estate guru realized what a “small world” Nashville is. “When we finally sat down to do one of these interviews with the production company in the beginning, she was planning my very best friend’s wedding,” Holmes added.

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3. The Couples Are Their Real Clients

Although the couples featured on the show were cast by a professional team, they’re actual clients of Holmes and Miller. “They’re really our clients,” Holmes confirmed. “Just like in real estate, you’re not going to have someone buy a house from you and never talk to them again.”

“Same thing with the wedding and the ones who chose a wedding,” Miller added. To which Holmes responded, “I hope that they’re going to buy a house from me soon.”

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4. The Show Is 100 Percent Unscripted

When asked about behind-the-scenes secrets, Miller admitted that “those are real, genuine reactions.”

Holmes continued, “We had no idea what they were going to choose. For some couples, we thought we knew going in that, ‘Oh, I’m pretty sure they were leaning towards house.’ And then it would shock me when they’d pick marriage or vice versa. It was totally unscripted, totally real.”

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Courtesy of Netflix

5. 'marriage Or Mortgage' Might Return For Season 2

Although Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Marriage or Mortgage for season two, Holmes is hopeful that the show will return for more episodes in the near future. “We don’t know, but hopefully Netflix hears this because we would love it,” Holmes said. “We both had such a blast doing what we love doing every single day and making people happy.”

Your move, Netflix.

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