Who is Leslie Odom Jr.'s Wife, Nicolette Robinson? Here's What We Know

We’ve been a fan of Leslie Odom Jr. since his Hamilton days, so when we heard that he was nominated for a Golden Globe this year for his role as Sam Cooke in the film One Night in Miami, you could say we were excited.

After watching the film (twice) to prepare for this weekend’s big awards, we started to wonder about Odom’s personal life. Is he married? And does he have any children? As it turns out, the answer to both of those questions is ‘yes.’ So, who is Leslie Odom Jr.’s wife, Nicolette Robinson? Keep reading for everything we know.

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1. Who Is Leslie Odom Jr.'s Wife, Nicolette Robinson?

Like her husband, Robinson is also a Broadway and television star. Not to mention, the actress has an impressive singing voice.

Born and raised in L.A., Robinson began her acting career during high school landing small roles. After graduating from UCLA, the 32-year-old appeared in a variety of TV shows including Hart of Dixie, The Affair and Perfect Couples. It’s also important to note that Robinson stars alongside her husband in One Night in Miami.

In addition to acting, she’s also spent a handful of years on Broadway. According to Oprah Magazine, the actress made her debut last fall when she was cast as the lead role of Jenna (she was also first woman of color to play the part) in the popular musical Waitress.

“This decision that the creative team made, to open the role of Jenna up for me to be able to play it just opens a window for so many people, ”Robinson revealed in an interview. “I think the role of Jenna, this story is so universal and so many people relate to it in so many different ways, it’s such a meaningful story so when it’s told through my eyes I bring a different experience to it than what other women have would bring to it.”

2. How Did She Meet Leslie?

Not surprisingly, the duo met during their time in the theater world. In fact, the pair were introduced on the set of Once On This Island.

“It was not a romantic thing at first,” Robinson revealed in an interview with “It was really just a human connection like, ‘Wow, I need to be around this person all the time.’ We stayed in touch after the show and started dating pretty soon afterwards. We didn’t know if the first date was the first date, but it ended up being the first date. None of us were saying that it was a date, but then it for sure was a date when he kissed me at the end of the night.”

3. When Did They Get Married?

The couple tied the knot on December 1, 2012 in an intimate ceremony officiated by Robinson’s father. And while we don’t know much about the event, we do know that pal and fellow actor Billy Porter attended.

4. Do They Have Any Kids Together?

They sure do. The pair share a daughter and have a baby boy on the way. Robinson and Odom Jr. welcomed Lucille Ruby on April 23, 2017. Lucky for us, both parents love to share photos of their daughter on Instagram.

“Motherhood has taught me about discovering the balance of being with your child but also fulfilling that need that you have. I hope that she sees that I’m doing what I really love to do," she told “Hopefully that’ll push her to do the things that she wants too. When she comes to the theater, there’s a giant picture of me outside the door, and she goes, ‘Mamma!’”

The soon-to-be parents of two revealed that they are expecting back in the fall, in a series of beautiful maternity photos on Instagram. “Lots of reasons to celebrate over here. Lots of reasons for hope too,” Odom Jr. captioned a post on IG. “Baby boy and mama are doing swell. Praying for him and all the little ones on the way!” Their baby is expected to arrive April 2021.

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