Everything We Know About Kaillie Humphries, the Most Successful Canadian Bobsledder in History

Major congrats are in order for Kaillie Humphries, who overcame quite a few setbacks to land a spot on Team USA in this year’s Winter Olympics.

In case you missed it, the Canadian-born bobsledder left Team Canada to represent the United States in 2019, and because of her uncertain citizenship status, she almost didn’t make this year’s line-up. But fortunately, it all worked out in her favor. While making the announcement on her Instagram page, she wrote, “The 1% chance I had on making this team just became reality. I never lost faith and persevered through every obstacle until the very end. I have always believed it was possible, even if the cards were stacked against me.”

She continued, “I earned this spot and I’m so proud to be a part of Team USA. I will do my very best work to represent this great nation.” So, who is the Olympic champion that everyone is currently raving about? And what’s the story behind her transition to Team USA? Keep reading for all the details on Kaillie Humphries.

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1. Who Is Kaillie Humphries?

Humphries is a Canadian-American bobsledder with plenty of achievements under her belt. She’s a two-time Olympic champion and a two-time defending overall World Cup champion, making her the most successful Canadian bobsledder in history. After she switched to

Team USA, she kept the momentum going and won three IBSF World Championships.

Humphries documented her first win for Team USA on Instagram and wrote, “That winning feeling! GOLD in my first race back as an official American citizen. Defending the top spot in Monobob in Altenberg.”

Sounds like Humphries has no intention of moving from that top spot.

2. Why Did She Switch From Team Canada To Team Usa?

Back in 2019, after competing with Team Canada, Humphries switched to represent the United States because she wanted to escape the harassment she faced from the Canadian bobsled federation.

While discussing her decision during a Q&A with NBC, she explained, “I felt unsafe in my environment [as] a part of Team Canada. I no longer felt physically, mentally, emotionally safe in the environment I was in. And when I made that known to the coach and to the staff, there was an investigation, and ultimately, I sought to be released from Team Canada.”

She continued, “It was a hard decision. It felt right to me to represent a country that literally has given me a new life, a new lease on not only my career but how I feel as a woman. I feel so empowered, so encouraged and respected in my job. My opinion is valued here.”

3. Who Is Humphries’s Husband?

Humphries is currently married to former bobsledder and fitness trainer Travis Armbruster. It seems that Armbruster keeps his private life under wraps, but one look at his Instagram page will tell you that he’s Humphries’s number one fan.

When his wife's status for the 2022 Winter Olympics was still in limbo, he wrote on IG, “@kailliehumphries has managed to launch her career with @teamusa, @usabs Bobsled/Skeleton, win 3 world championships and make history. Her mental strength is absolutely out of this world. Through the bad and the good we have been blessed to be able to do it together and that we will always be thankful.”

Before she tied the knot with Armbruster, Humphries was previously married to Dan Humphries, a former bobsledder who also competed for Canada and Great Britain. The pair said “I do” back in 2007, but they divorced in 2014.

4. Do They Have Any Kids?

They don’t share any children, but they’re the proud dog parents of Duchess who, according to Humphries, “loves people more than other dogs.” She told NBC, “She is a petite Goldendoodle. She is my fur baby. My husband and I got her as a couple before we were married. She provides us so much love and support. The best dog ever!”

5. Is It True That Humphries Once Broke Both Of Her Legs?

As wild (and painful) as it sounds, it’s true. The 36-year-old started out as a ski racer and competed on the slopes of Mt. Norquay in Atlanta. But at 16 years old, she retired from the sport after she broke her legs in separate crashes.

In 2002, Humphries turned her attention to bobsleighing, and by 2006, she was serving as an alternate to the Canadian team at the Olympic Winter Games in Torino.

6. Who Does Humphries Look Up To In The Olympic World?

The bobsledder revealed that her biggest inspiration is none other than four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles—but it’s not for the reason you think. According to Humphries, it was Biles’s refreshing approach to mental health that won her over.

While chatting with NBC, Humphries said, “She chose to step away from competition during the Olympics, because she is more than a medal. Her mental health was worth more to her than any performance. That is a strong woman. I have spoken to my husband about this many times and being fearful of failing or not going to an Olympics or losing a medal. By Simone showcasing it's OK to not compete, not win, and you are more than just medals—this was powerful to me as an athlete.”

Humphries also named Serena Williams and Billie Jean King as stellar role models, and not just for their skills on the tennis court. She said, “They fight for opportunity, equality, high standards, professionalism and fair play.” Positive role models, FTW!

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