Who Is Jon-Michael Ecker (aka Max in ‘Firefly Lane’)? Here’s Why He Looks Familiar

Netflix’s Firefly Lane left us with several burning questions: What does the ending mean? Will season 2 live up to expectations? And lastly, who on earth is Jon-Michael Ecker (who plays Max Brody)?

While we wait for the premiere of Firefly Lane season 2 on December 2, we compiled a list of everything you need to know about Jon-Michael Ecker.

jon michael ecker

1. Who Is Jon-Michael Ecker?

He’s a Brazilian-American actor with a surprising resume. Prior to his on-screen success, Ecker earned a degree in aquatic biology from UC Santa Barbara. Unlike most aspiring actors (who move to Los Angeles or New York City), he began his career in Mexico, where he starred in Gossip Girl: Acapulco.

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2. Does He Play Max In Firefly Lane?

That’s correct. Ecker plays Max Brody, a young EMT who develops a romantic relationship with one of the main characters, Tallulah “Tully” Hart (Katherine Heigl). The coming-of-age story follows Tully as she grows up alongside her BFF, Kate Mularky (Sarah Chalke), who couldn’t be more different. (Firefly Lane is based on the namesake 2008 novel by Kristin Hannah.)

jon michael ecker firefly lane
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3. What Else Has He Been In?

In addition to Firefly Lane, Ecker has appeared in several noteworthy projects, but he’s most recognized for playing Aaron “Ari” Morales in Popland!, Marlon Brando in Cantinflas, Raymundo “El Güero” Davila in Queen of the South, The Lion in Narcos and Lieutenant Greg Grainge in Chicago Fire. He’s also made guest appearances in NCIS: New Orleans and Criminal Minds.

4. Is He Married?

As of October 2022, the answer is yes. Ecker announced on Instagram that he tied the knot with his long-time partner Laura James, who appeared on season 19 of America’s Next Top Model. She makes regular appearances on the actor’s Instagram account, which is filled with selfies, nature shots and the occasional professional photo.

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