Raise your hand if you were low-key obsessed with Tiffany Haddish in Girls Trip or counted the days waiting for Season Three of Broad City. (Guilty on both counts.) Good news for your comedy addiction: This city just happens to be home to some seriously funny gals. Follow them on Twitter, catch their work on TV and see them live now—before they blow up and move on to sold-out arenas.

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Ziwe Fumudoh

Twitter: @ziwe

Sample joke:  Me: Wow Juliet was dumb I would never kill myself over a boy.
Also me: He hasn't responded to my text in 45 seconds. Should I eat glass?

Why she rules: It’s hard to navigate social media these days and not see a screenshot of one of Ziwe’s tweets. They transcend all social media platforms and rightfully so; they’re biting and on point. And soon you’ll be able to watch her jokes offline and on TV since she’s started writing for BET’s The Rundown with Robin Thede.

Next show: Obama's America at Legion Bar, October 13, and RHONY: Scary Island at Littlefield, October 24

Milly Tamarez

Twitter: @MillyTamarez

Sample joke: How many grandparents are gonna ruin Thanksgiving by name dropping Miley Cyrus constantly?

Why she rules: Not only is Milly Tamarez crazy funny—she’s particularly adept at skewering pop culture and finding the perfect response GIF—she also runs the Diverse As F*** Comedy Festival, which offers workshops through Clickhole and The Onion for underrepresented voices in comedy.

Next show: Pyzza Time at Artichoke Pizza in Bushwick, October 23, and The Funhouse Show at Pete’s Candy Store, November 1

NY lady comedians LIST3
Courtesy of Alise Morales

Alise Morales

Twitter: @fatlise

Sample joke: My aesthetic is Britney Murphy in Clueless alone at that party trying to figure out how to tie her flannel. 

Why she rules: If you’re overwhelmed by the news this year 1) you’re not alone and 2) you should subscribe to Alise Morales’s very funny political and current events newsletter, The ’Sup. Her wit is the only thing keeping many of us sane right now.

Next show: Lloyd Night, every other Wednesday at Upright Citizens Brigade East with her team Zaddy

NY lady comedians LIST4
Courtesy of Sudi Green

Sudi Green

Twitter: @Sudi_Green

Sample joke: “The straps are different for each dress so you can show off your personality” - the words of a delusional person and/or engaged woman 

Why she rules: Sudi Green is a third-year writer for Saturday Night Live and one of the reasons the show has been extra funny in recent seasons. (She co-wrote the amazing Handmaid’s Tale sketch last season with Anna Drezen.) When she isn’t working tirelessly to make us laugh on Saturday nights, you can see her host a monthly variety show at UCB East.

Next show: Theme Party: Hedge Fund Halloween at Upright Citizens Brigade East, October 17

Natasha Vaynblat

Twitter: @vaynsplat

Sample joke: Who says you can't wear your wedding dress again? I do it all the time when drinking alone!

Why she rules: Natasha Vaynblat is what you might call a sartorial comedian. Along with performing every Saturday at UCB East, she runs a brilliant Instagram account, Natasha Wears Clothes, which showcases her unconventional style.

Next show: What I Did for Love at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater East, every Saturday

Christi Chiello

Twitter: @christichiello

Sample joke: Grateful the term “extra” wasn't around when I cut up my high school boyfriend's FUBU shirt because he was being flirty on AIM. 

Why she rules: Christi Chiello might be the most delightful stand-up comedian in New York City. Her bubbly personality and decisively dark humor is a perfect mix and you’ll find yourself obsessively watching her hilarious Instagram stories after you’ve seen her perform. Check out her great podcast, Talking Funny, too.

Next show: Stand with Planned Parenthood at Littlefield, October 4

Jasmine Pierce

Twitter: @jasminecomedy

Sample joke: I don't believe that story about Eve. Not because of the religious magic, but because apples really aren't that good.

Why she rules: Jasmine Pierce is one of the brilliant staff writers at the satirical women’s site Reductress and has recently been hired to entertain us writing for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Her Reductress pieces include, “How to Slide into His DMs and Then Keep Sliding When He Doesn’t Respond” and “What to Do If Beyoncé Ever Dies.”

Next show: Subscribe to her Sleepyhead podcast to listen to her interview people in the middle of the night.

Patti Harrison

Twitter: @Party_Harderson

Sample joke: Can we PLEASE just change the name of the entire Star Wars franchise to "Estranged dads dying in space" ???????

Why she rules: Patti Harrison is arguably the queen of absurd comedy. Her characters and stand-up are charmingly deranged and you can spot her on the upcoming season of TBS’s Search Party and Comedy Central’s Broad City. Watch her become increasingly distressed when no one can recognize who she is at San Diego Comic-Con.

Next show: Wonderful News at Union Hall, October 10, and It’s a Guy Thing at Union Hall, October 25

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Cat Cohen

Twitter: @catccohen

Sample joke: I'll be auditioning for the role of "waitress giving the specials after the family tension heats up at table 3"

Why she rules: There’s no one better at capturing the millennial ennui than Catherine Cohen, as evidenced by her prolific Twitter account. But if you can, go to one of her live solo shows, where you’ll get the chance to witness her hilarious theatrical and musical talents. Check out her satirical podcast series Turner Masters Memory Hospital.

Next show: It’s a Guy Thing at Union Hall, October 25

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