Everything You Need to Know About ‘Dickinson’ Season 2

ICYMI: The first three episodes of Dickinson season two recently premiered on Apple TV+. If you’re wondering when the rest will be available for your streaming pleasure, keep reading for a breakdown of what’s to come in Dickinson season two.

dickinson season 2 details
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1. When Does 'dickinson' Season Two Premiere?

The first three episodes of Dickinson season two are now available for streaming on Apple TV+. One new installment will be released every Friday, so mark your calendars.

dickinson season 2 premiere date
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2. Does It Feature The Same Cast?

All the stars from Dickinson season one are expected to return, including Hailee Steinfeld (Emily Dickinson), Jane Krakowski (Emily Norcross Dickinson), Adrian Enscoe (Austin Dickinson), Anna Baryshnikov (Lavinia Dickinson) and Ella Hunt (Sue Gilbert).

dickinson season 2
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3. Does It Have Newcomers?

Oh, yes. Season two of Dickinson introduces an all-new character, Samuel Bowles (Finn Jones), who’s an ambitious newspaper editor. “Finn is just such an extraordinary addition to the cast,” Hunt told Entertainment Tonight. “[The character’s] a huge motivation for Sue and for Emily because he has the power of being like our generation’s equivalent king of social media. Not only is he Emily’s avenue to get published, he’s also Sue’s avenue for public notoriety.” Sounds like a pivotal role, if you ask us.

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4. What Is 'dickinson' About?

Dickinson is a historical comedy-drama that tells the real-life story of Emily Dickinson, who’s one of the most important figures in American poetry. (NBD.) The show introduces viewers to the budding writer, who’s determined to become the world’s greatest poet.

Dickinson season two is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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