Intense Dystopian Thriller Hits #1 on Netflix—and Yes, It’s a Sequel

It stars Robbie and Stephen Amell

code 8 part 2 netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

If you’re searching for an action flick to add to your streaming queue, look no further than Code 8: Part II

The dystopian flick just hit Netflix on February 28, and it’s already claimed the number one spot on the streaming service’s list of most-watched movies. (It’s currently ranked ahead of Mea Culpa, Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken, The Legend of Hercules, Code 8 and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.)

code 8 part 2 netflix top movies
Courtesy of Netflix

The popular film is a sequel to Code 8, which premiered in 2019. The new movie takes place five years after the events in the first installment, and it’s set in a fictional world where four percent of the population has special abilities. (They’re known as PWPs, or “people with powers.”)

The original movie ends with Connor and Garrett parting ways, but in the brand-new sequel, they’re forced to reunite when they’re faced with a new threat. It all starts when a 14-year-old girl is targeted by a group of corrupt police officers, which prompts the criminal duo to jump into action. 

Code 8: Part II stars Robbie and Stephen Amell, who are reprising their roles from the first movie. Other cast members include Sirena Gulamgaus, Altair Vincent, Alex Mallari Jr., Moe Jeudy-Lamour, Aaron Abrams and Jean Yoon.

In an interview with Netflix’s Tudum, director Jeff Chan (Plus One) revealed that Part II was a necessary conclusion to the first installment. “I want Connor to have to really deal with the ramifications of his actions in Code 8,” he said. “But despite his current situation, Connor is a good and noble person at heart—a protector.”

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