Netflix’s ‘Challenger: The Final Flight’ Tells the True Story Behind the Tragic 1986 Explosion

During our nightly Netflix scroll (don’t judge us), we stumbled upon an all-new series, Challenger: The Final Flight. We originally thought we knew everything about NASA’s tragic loss, but after watching the documentary, we can confirm that’s not the case.

So, what is Challenger: The Final Flight? And how big is the time commitment? Keep reading for all the deets.

Public Domain/NASA/Netflix

1. What Is 'challenger: The Final Flight' About?

The series offers a closer look at the infamous accident involving NASA’s Space Shuttle Challenger. The incident took place in 1986 shortly after takeoff and killed all seven crewmembers onboard.

Challenger: The Final Flight examines the 73 seconds leading up to the explosion, along with the aftermath it left behind. It also features interviews with engineers, officials and family members who were affected by the tragedy, so it’s not for the fainthearted.

Public Domain/NASA/Netflix

2. When Did It Premiere?

Challenger: The Final Flight hit Netflix on September 16. It only took a few days for the docuseries to reach the number two spot on the streaming service’s list of top ranked TV shows.

Public Domain/NASA/Netflix

3. How Many Episodes Are There?

The documentary is divided into four parts, each lasting around 45 minutes. The episodes are titled “Space for Everyone,” “HELP!,” “A Major Malfunction” and “Nothing Ends Here.”

Public Domain/NASA/Netflix

4. Who's Behind It?

Challenger: The Final Flight is directed by Steven Leckart (What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali) and Daniel Junge (Being Evel). J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Lost) served as an executive producer alongside Glen Zipper (The Panama Papers), Ben Stephenson (Death Comes to Pemberley), Rachel Rusch (Lovecraft Country) and Sean Stuart (Spider-Man).

Believe us when we say this is a must-watch.