Celebrity Bedtime Routines: Courteney Cox, Tan France & Others Reveal Their Snooziest Secrets

celebrities share their bedtime routines with purewow
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With 4 a.m. call times, nonstop travel and adjusting to sleeping on planes, in hotels and in trailers between takes, actors know the value of getting in their 40 winks (and making sure it’s quality sleep). So, we decided to poll every star we’ve talked to over the past month to find out what truly works for them. Both out of curiosity (stars, are they really like us?!) and to see if we could borrow any of their tried-and-true methods for ourselves. Here are some of the most fascinating tidbits we uncovered.

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Tan France shares his bedtime routine
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1. Tan France Swears by Silk Pillowcases, White Noise and a Little TikTok Before Bed

The Queer Eye star has his bedtime routine down to a science: He keeps his bedroom at a brisk 65 degrees, sets up a white noise machine, takes a melatonin gummy and sips hot water with honey and lemon. But his absolute must-have? “A silk pillowcase, wildly necessary,” he says. “I don’t get ratty hair, [and] it helps with skin.” And while some avoid their phones at all costs before bed, France enjoys an evening scroll. “I’m a grandma, so I’m in bed at the latest 10, the latest. I’m usually in bed by 9:30, I will watch TikTok videos with my husband for about a half hour,” he says. “It makes me and my husband laugh hysterically and then we’re dead asleep.”

Millie Bobbie Brown shares her bedtime routine
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2. Millie Bobbie Brown Says a Little Superstition Helps Her Rest Easier

Millie Bobbie Brown keeps things simple, taking out her contacts and scouring her fridge for the “coldest bottle of water” she can find. From there, there’s just one other thing the Stranger Thingsactor likes to do before she turns in. “I have, like, a superstition,” she admits. “I tell everyone I love them before I go to bed.”

Courteney Cox shares her bedtime routine
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3. Courteney Cox Is a Multi-Tasking Night Owl

“I can stay up for so long just getting distracted,” Courteney Cox confesses. Not unlike her Friends alter ego, Monica Gellar, she’s often up late cleaning and organizing—and when she goes to bed, she’s equally productive. She often slathers on Retin-A, Necessaire The Serum and Augustinus Bader Body Cream to care for her skin as she rests, but that’s not all. “Last night, I did something that I thought was really incredible—I put this [red light panel on me] and went right back to sleep, then I woke up and it was still close to my face, and I feel so good today,” she says. “It was like doing a beauty regimen and sleeping at the same time.” (Red light therapy is believed to improve acne and reduce age spots and wrinkles, among other benefits.) When she’s ready to crash, she’ll pop in her night guard and ear plugs. “I like these max ear plugs because they’re silicone and you can’t really hear—and then I go to sleep pretty easily, but then I usually wake up in the middle of the night,” she says.

Tamera Mowry-Housley shares her bedtime routine
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4. Tamera Mowry-Housley Is All in on Melatonin

“Being a working mom, I'm always usually on the go, whether it's shooting a film or doing talk shows, and I've noticed that sometimes, even when I'm doing a film, my mind can race a bit,” the Sister Sister alum says. She found that melatonin supplements helped her relax and got so into them that she partnered with sleep aid brand Natrol to spread the word. “I'm very cognizant of what I put in my body, but also, I've learned the importance of staying present in my life, and I've learned over the years that sleep, having a good night's sleep, helps you attain that,” she says. “My whole motto is I want to enjoy what I'm doing. I have to feel rested and present.”

Ashley Greene shares her bedtime routine
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5. Ashley Greene Trades a Full Night’s Sleep for Power Naps

With a four-month-old at home, Twilight’s Ashley Greene is taking each day as it comes. “Sleep deprivation is real,” she admits. “I kind of gave up on the idea that I was going to get a full night’s sleep.” The big adjustment has been sneaking in naps when she can. “I’m trying to be OK with taking a nap when someone else is watching her. I always feel guilt and battle with that all the time,” saying she often feels like she should be using the time to get something done. In those moments, she reminds herself: “Take the nap. Even if it’s 30 minutes, take the nap.”

Angela Kinsey shares her bedtime routine
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6. Angela Kinsey Doesn’t Need an Alarm—She Has Cats

As mom to two dogs, two cats and three kids, The Office’s Angela Kinsey has found that her bedtime routine needs to extend to everyone, a practice she calls “putting the house to bed.” “What has worked best for us is first putting our kids to sleep and then all our animals get their evening meals. And then they go to bed, and then finally my husband and I go to bed,” she tells us. Since her cats, Snickers and Oreo, tend to get hyperactive in the morning and wake her up, she’s started feeding them later at night, just before bed.

“Shifting the mealtime ensures that my cats are well nourished, which in turn helps me get better sleep,” Kinsey explains. “We also bought a dry food feeder that has a timer. We set it to very early in the morning when Oreo loves a treat. Now she doesn’t howl at our door at 5 a.m. Game-changer!” (In case you’re curious, she swears by using a mix of Blue Tastefuls wet and dry food to keep them satiated throughout the night.)

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