Bobby Berk Opens Up About ‘Queer Eye’ Season 7 & Teases New Album

Bobby Berk is dropping all the hints about Queer Eye season seven—and we're all ears.

PureWow recently had the pleasure of catching up with the reality star and interior designer, who gave us major hints at where he and the rest of the Fab Five would want to go for season seven of Queer Eye, plus revealed his favorite moment from season six of the hit show (spoiler alert: it's one of our favorites, too). The designer also chatted about his partnering with Molekule in their mission to provide clean air to everyone and raise awareness about the importance of a well-cared-for space.

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Yes, we know—Netflix has yet to confirm a renewal (fingers crossed!), but it hasn't stopped Berk and his squad from chatting about where they'd love to go next. He told us, "It doesn't matter because we have zero say. It's funny because there's a group text going on with the five of us as we speak about that topic. And we find out pretty much when you guys find out, like we have zero say. There's definitely some cities that we're all actually pushing. I'm not going to say which city it is because people are going to be like, 'Oh, they could be coming here!' But I'll just say that we're all pushing for it because Tan just had a baby and we want this season to be as easy on him as possible. And so I'll just leave it at that."

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As we all know, fashion guru Tan France welcomed his first child in August 2021. And since he currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, it seems like the Fab Five are pushing for the next season to take place in the Beehive State.

"We could be pushing for Salt Lake and we could end up in Guatemala," Berk continued. "You just never know. And there's so many factors that Netflix has when they decide on where we're going. It doesn't matter where the cast and I are wanting to go, it matters where it makes the most sense for production and where the most amount of local crew is."

As for the Queer Eye star's favorite moment ever from season six, he revealed that it was episode on Jamie Wallace Grenier, which also happened to be the most difficult one to film. "Every hero and every moment is amazing, but for me, I do have to say the episode we filmed with Jamie and Safe In Austin, the animal rescue," Berk told us. "You know, anytime you put me on a farm or with animals, I'm very happy. Even though it was like 115 degrees that week and probably one of our physically most demanding, draining and exhausting episodes we've ever done. We were building a barn and putting on a roof on that barn in 100-plus degree weather and raining every day. It was one of my favorites just because of the amount of time I got to spend with animals, and Jamie is just one of the most amazing women in the world. She's such a superhero."

Aside from discussing Queer Eye, Berk also confirmed that he'll be using his stellar vocal skills to release new music. When asked whether he'd be open to doing a full album, he replied, "I'm actually having dinner with somebody tonight to talk about that. So yes." His genre of choice? Folk-pop. He added, "I would [do] something along the lines of like Ed Sheeran."

While chatting about his collaboration with Molekule, Berk said, "I love them for not only the design but how well they work. It's a real partnership, and that's always very important to me. For brands I work with, it's products that I actually use, and Molekule is a product that I've used for years and I know I love."

We may not have all the deets on Queer Eye 7 or his new album (yet), but one thing's for sure: We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for updates.

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