We’re A Little Obsessed with Camila Cabello’s New Hair Color

Camila Cabello is not afraid to reinvent her hair. While we’re used to seeing her with dark, long locks, we’ve also been wowed in the past by her chin-length bob and a platinum blonde ’do with bangs. Currently, we’re swooning over her latest look: cool, icy-blue strands that make us want to dye our hair, stat.

She shared a photo to Instagram with the caption, “I clean up ok” (a major understatement if you ask us). Her frosty hair matched her pale turquoise dress, periwinkle nail polish and shimmery eyeshadow to perfection. It’s unclear if she dyed her natural hair or if she was wearing a wig, but we’re here for the wintry look either way.

Hair stylist Dimitris Giannetos is responsible for Cabello’s azure alteration, and he took to social media to share his handiwork as well. He posted a clip of her posing with the caption “CA MINT A,” along with credits for her makeup artist, stylists and assistants.

Cabello’s reveal comes on the heels of her split with Shawn Mendes. If there’s anything we can relate to, it’s a post-breakup makeover (for what it’s worth, her famous ex actually weighed in on the new look by liking the photo).

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