Don’t Call Yourself a ‘Stranger Things’ Fan If You Haven’t Thought About Barb This Week

Stranger Things 4 is all rage right now. While fans patiently wait for volume 2 to hit Netflix on July 1, there’s one issue that needs to be addressed: Barb.

On this week’s episode of PureWow’s Stream On podcast, co-hosts Phil Mutz and Rachel Gulmi discussed the popular Netflix series. In the installment, Mutz led a justified conversation about Barb (Shannon Purser) and how she’s the most underrated character.

It all begins at the 16:40 mark above, when Gulmi reveals that she watched Stranger Things for the very first time…and she wasn’t sold. “I might continue watching it because I have so many questions, and I feel like I can’t not watch it,” she says. “It’s just a little too sci-fi for me, I guess.”

Mutz goes on to explain why Barb is his favorite character, even though (spoiler alert!) she dies in season one. “She became a cultural phenomenon,” he says. “People were obsessed.”

Skip to the 19-minute mark to hear Mutz explain why Barb deserves more recognition (and why Gulmi should continue watching). Plus, Mutz poses the burning question: Where is Barb now? (Also see his hot take in the video below.)

If you need a refresher, Barb is Nancy’s (Natalia Dyer) best friend, who tragically becomes one of the first victims of the Upside Down. When Nancy ditches Barb for a boy, Barb leaves the party and sits on the edge of a diving board. Out of nowhere, she gets dragged into the pool by a terrifying creature.

All we have to say is…#JusticeForBarb.

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