‘The Bachelor’ Finale Was Far From ‘Dramatic’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

bachelor finale reaction daisy kent
Disney/John Fleenor

For weeks, ABC has been teasing the “most dramatic” Bachelor finale to date, claiming the end result is something that’s never happened before. While the latter is technically true, the episode was far from dramatic.

bachelor finale reaction daisy kent joey
Disney/John Fleenor

Last night, Joey Graziadei’s journey to find love came to an end when the 28-year-old chose between the final two ladies: Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent. In the end, Joey proposed to Kelsey and sent Daisy home.  

The “dramatic” part came way before the engagement, and it involved Daisy realizing her fate long before proposal day. Her suspicions developed at the previous rose ceremony, when she saw Joey and Kelsey exchange a glance that she interpreted as love. 

Her intuition was further solidified during her last date with Joey, where she received no validation from the Bachelor. She claimed that something felt “off.” To confirm her suspicions, Daisy visited Kelsey ahead of the proposal and asked if Kelsey had the same experience. (Spoiler alert: She didn’t.) 

Daisy told Kelsey that she wasn’t getting picked but refused to leave on her own accord…just in case. As a result, the ladies drove to the proposal in the same car (a Bachelor first) and hugged each other before separately approaching Joey.

bachelor finale reaction daisy kent
Disney/John Fleenor

Was it sad to see Daisy walk towards Joey, knowing full well that she was being sent home? Yes. But was it a dramatic moment? Not in the slightest. If anything, it made for a predictable ending—one that Daisy prepared viewers for long before she approached Joey. 

She didn’t even let him break up with her. Before he had a chance to break the news, Daisy revealed her own fate and thanked him for everything, even though she wasn’t his final choice. When he asked to walk her out, she refused and headed straight for Kelsey, who she immediately congratulated. 

Daisy handled herself with class and grace, despite her heartbreak. But to say that her departure was “dramatic” is a total exaggeration. 

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