‘And Just Like That’ Episode 6 Just Dropped a Huge Carrie Mystery in Our Lap

OK we're 60 percent of the way through the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That on HBO Max. That's right. The most talked-about show of the year is about to come to an end.

Luckily, And Just Like That episode six gave us plenty of the good stuff: Carrie and New York City real estate, Charlotte having a Marie Kondo moment and Miranda finally messaging Che three months after their (as Charlotte put it) AFFAIR.

But episode six also dropped a bombshell that I can't seem to get out of my head. And no, it has nothing to do with Charlotte's sexual fantasy involving a ferry or the source of that goddamn beeping (no, we don't ever find out). At one point, SJP casually reveals that she once lost a Fendi sandal while ziplining. Umm, excuse me? Carrie Bradshaw went ziplining?! With whom?! Quite the mystery indeed.

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There will be those who say, "Who cares?" And to them, I say, "I care. [Recited slowly for dramatic effect] I care."

I think right off the bat we can rule out the possibility that Carrie went ziplining by herself. If she were flying solo on a tropical vacay, it certainly would involve shopping, sipping and sitting—not strapping on a harness and climbing a tree.

Is it possible such an activity occurred with the girls? Just as unlikely. Stanford? Anthony? [Insert laughter here.] Could it have been with Big? Oh please. That character wouldn't be caught dead (too soon?) clinging to a zipline.

After far too much reflection, it becomes clear that there's only one real possibility and it was pointed out to me by my And Just Like That...a Sex and the City Reboot Podcast co-host Dara Katz. Carrie clearly must have gone ziplining at some point with Aidan.

Not only would he have the adventurous spirit to take on such an activity, but it kinda completes our picture of him. This man is the kind of man who names his first kid Tate (with the nickname Tater)...if there's one thing I know about someone who names their kid Tater it's that they love ziplining (and probably played their fair share of hacky sack back in the day). Aidan was painted as the antithesis of Big. Big represented the city itself, so what could be more antithetical to that than a tropical adventure?

Whether or not you buy this argument (or even care), you may be hung up on another detail: Carrie mentions losing a Fendi sandal. Yes, a sandal. Could Carrie possibly have been traipsing through the jungle without her signature heels?

Again, there is only one logical explanation. Carrie went ziplining with Aidan while wearing a pair of Fendi wedge sandals, keeping her at her prefered shoe elevation. Case closed.

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