Stop Everything: Sarah Jessica Parker Just Reprised Her Role as Carrie Bradshaw

Could it be? Sarah Jessica Parker reprising her role as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City? Well, kinda.  

No, it’s not a reboot or a third film (we’re still not ready to let this go). The 53-year-old actress has briefly revived her role in a new ad for Stella Artois as part of the beer’s partnership with the nonprofit organization

SJP originally teased the video on Instagram last week and posted the full-length recreation of the iconic opening bus sequence early Tuesday. In the 15-second spot, Parker is wearing a metallic gold cropped button-down shirt, a black belt, bejeweled gloves and a blue tulle skirt. Umm, we’re getting some serious pink tutu nostalgia. 

Bringing back Carrie for a good cause? We’re here for it.