This Exciting New Docuseries Just Hit Netflix’s Top 10 List

This brand-new documentary is getting critical acclaim for its real-life Game of Thrones vibes, and we can totally see why.

Introducing Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan, an all-new Netflix docuseries that’s a must-watch for history lovers. Although it just premiered on the streaming service this week, it’s already claimed the number eight spot on Netflix’s list of top-rated shows. (It’s currently outranked by Behind Her Eyes, Good Girls, iCarly, Ginny & Georgia and Firefly Lane.)

So, what’s it about? Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan uses dramatic reenactments combined with expert commentary to introduce viewers to the tumultuous power struggle that took place in Japan during the 16th century.

The six-part series begins in the aftermath of Oda Nobuhide’s (a powerful feudal lord) death. It documents the rise of three now-famous Japanese warriors—Oda Nobunaga (portrayed by Masayoshi Haneda), Tokugawa Ieyasu (portrayed by Hayate Masao) and Toyotomi Hideyoshi (portrayed by Masami Kosaka)—who each played a role in shaping the country’s history.

In addition to narrations by Hiro Kanagawa, Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan also stars Hideaki Itô, Wilfred Lee, Umi Bielmann, Seiji Hino, Elina Miyake Jackson, Ryota Kaneko, Chika Kitney and Simon Fletcher Li. The show was directed by Stephen Scott (Draft Year).

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