Introducing the Ultimate '90s TV Yearbook, Featuring All Your Fave Characters

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As our lengthy queue of new movies and shows continues to grow longer by the day (we promise, we will watch Firefly Lane eventually), we've been busy devouring a sizable amount of '90s content. Whether it's Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) doing the famous "Feeny Call" or Kel Kimble (Kel Mitchell) professing his love to a full bottle of orange soda, these sitcoms never fail to deliver the nostalgia that we constantly crave. But if there's one thing that stands out the most, it's the depiction of high school life, from '90s fashion and social cliques to steamy love triangles. This got us thinking: What would it look like if all the main characters had yearbook superlatives? Who would be voted best dressed, best hair or biggest flirt?

Fortunately, we did the honors by creating our own TV-inspired version of a '90s yearbook. Read on to see superlatives for characters from Dawson's Creek, Saved By the Bell and more.

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Most Likely to Run for President: Zack Morris

Remember when Zack ran for class president and won just so he could go D.C.? We’re sure he'd pull a similar stunt for all the perks that come with running a country (especially considering his career choice on the Saved by the Bell reboot).

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Most Likely to Be Your Boss: Tia Landry

Not only did she hold her own as the new girl at Roosevelt High, but she also maintained stellar grades and became the assistant manager at Rocket Burger. Her maturity and drive would totally land her the boss's chair.

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Most Likely to Have a Talk Show: Lisa Turtle

Given her chatty, social nature and impressive matchmaking skills, it makes sense that Lisa would grace the small screen and fill viewers in on the latest gossip. Naturally, all of her outfits would be runway-worthy.

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Most Likely to Invent a Time Machine: Steve Urkel

If Steve can whip up a cloning device and a transformation chamber that magically turns him into a smooth-talking alter-ego, then he can definitely pull off creating the world's very first time machine.

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Most Likely to Save the World: Sabrina Spellman

She may have accidentally turned her boyfriend into a frog, but it certainly doesn't mean she can't save the world with one of her dazzling spells.

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Most Likely to Become an Attorney: Blossom Russo

Since Blossom is so intelligent, creative and opinionated, we can see her becoming a fearless attorney, fighting for underrepresented groups in the courtroom.

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Most Likely to Become a CEO: Kenan Rockmore

Kenan went out of his way to plan the most elaborate schemes, but even when they backfired, he never gave up. With that kind of determination, one of his schemes just might work out and land him a position as a CEO...

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Most Likely to Win Jeopardy!: Carlton Banks

The Princeton alum always made top grades and he had quite a competitive streak. Sign him up for any Jeopardy! challenge and his competitors won't stand a chance.

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Most Likely to Travel the World: Joey Potter

Escaping small-town life to explore the rest of the world has always been one of Joey's biggest dreams. We're willing to bet the Eiffel Tower in Paris won't be her last destination.

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Most Likely to Star in a Reality Show: Eric Matthews

Who wouldn't watch a reality show that centered on Eric? He delivered some of the biggest laughs with his bizarre antics (remember the Feeny puppet?!).


Most Likely to Win the Hunger Games: Buffy Summers

We know that the Hunger Games wasn't around in the '90s, but in the words of Buffy herself, she's "the thing that monsters have nightmares about." Obvi, she would be the clear winner in this case.


Most Likely to Lead a Protest: Laura Winslow

With her unwavering confidence and ability to freely speak her mind, we imagine Laura wouldn't hesitate to join the frontlines for a cause that she's passionate about.

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Future Feminist Scholar: Jessie Spano

We've seen Jessie call Slater out on his sexist behavior enough times to know that she would totally dominate in this field. We can see her as a passionate Women & Gender Studies professor, where countless students would benefit from her wisdom.

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Future Bestselling Author: Moesha Mitchell

Guys, we're talking about the girl who landed herself a full-time role at VIBE magazine (before going to college!) and casually exchanged words with the Maya Angelou. Clearly, she's a best-selling author in the making.

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Future Oscar Nominee: Dawson Leery

Dawson is quite the dreamer and he's definitely got drive. With his hard work and passion for filmmaking, it would come as no surprise if he became the next Steven Spielberg.

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Future Famous Musician: Ashley Banks

We know that Ashley's music career was short-lived, but there's no denying that she had potential. Have you heard "Make Up Your Mind"?


Future TikTok Celebrity: Xander Harris

Sarcasm, dark humor and pop culture references are among Xander's favorite things. Clearly, this automatically qualifies him as a potential TikTok star.

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Future Star Reporter: Tamera Campbell

Remember when Tamera was part of the school paper? Given that her editor (& future boyfriend), Jordan, helped her realize her love of journalism, we can see Tamera landing quite a few front-page bylines.

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Most Intellectual: Topanga Lawrence

Topanga blossomed from a quirky, free-spirited soul into a passionate intellectual who wants to make the world a better place. We stan.

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Most Lovable: Cory Matthews

He has his neurotic moments, but guys, Cory is just so lovably goofy, witty and genuine. It's admirable that he went out of his way to make others happy and show his support.

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Most Changed: Willow Rosenberg

Willow's growth throughout Buffy is simply incredible. Not only did her powers grow stronger over time, but she also became more confident as she found her voice.

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Most Accident-Prone: Kel Kimble

Our favorite orange soda enthusiast could barely take a few steps without wreaking total havoc on his surroundings, but his good-natured humor and loyalty to Kenan more than made up for it.

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Star Athlete: A.C. Slater

The charismatic joker had serious athletic potential, whether it was in wrestling, basketball or football. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him appear on cereal boxes with a toothy grin and a football jersey.

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Biggest Romantic: Pacey Witter

He named his boat "True Love." He gave heartfelt monologues about his feelings for Joey. And he gifted her a literal WALL after her mural got destroyed... Need I go on?

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Biggest Flirt: Shawn Hunter

If you were to visit John Adams High, you'd most likely spot Shawn flirting with a cute girl as she played coy near the lockers. (Of course, this would only last for a short time until he fell for Angela.)

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Life of the Party: Will Smith

Will stays ready with a rolodex of funny one-liners for practically every occasion. It's hard to imagine how the Banks family would've fared without this mischievous, smart-mouthed teen from West Philly.

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Best Hair: Kelly Kapowski

Bayside High's quintessential it girl always came through with her most iconic ‘dos, from ponytails to voluminous waves. We may or may not have tried to recreate her hairstyles on multiple occasions (though without much success).

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Best BFFS: D.J. & Kimmy

Getting to see these BFFs navigate high school together was a big highlight on Full House. They grew to value honesty and they kept each other in check, proving that the strongest friendships can withstand any conflict or circumstance.

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Best Bromance: Will & Carlton

Sure, they bickered constantly from day one, but beneath the surface of that rivalry was a beautiful friendship. They always looked out for each other, whether that meant standing up to discriminating peers or taking a literal bullet.

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Cutest Couple: Cory & Topanga

Talk about couple goals. Even with three breakups, the friends-turned-lovebirds worked through their issues and evolved together, becoming even better versions of themselves over time.


Squad Goals: Beverly Hills High Students

Friendships can be so complicated and messy, as we've seen with this tight-knit group. And though it wasn't always sunshine and roses, their bond endured all the awkwardness and drama, making these friendships even stronger.


Fashion Queens: Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski, Kelly Taylor and Moesha Mitchell

From eye-catching prints and denim to chic, fitted dresses, these four ladies gave us the ultimate fashion inspiration (and continue to do so to this day).

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