The 9 Best Love Story Books to Read Now

Some people use Valentine’s as an excuse to binge on chocolate or romantic comedies, but we’re partial to rereading some of our favorite stories. Notably these nine love story books, which will never, ever get old.

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love austen

1. pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

It’s been imitated a million times, but Austen’s classic about Elizabeth Bennet (and Mr. Darcy, of course) is not to be missed in its original form. There’s a reason there are so many knockoffs.

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love marquez

2. love In The Time Of Cholera By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Fermina and Florentino fall in and out of love about a zillion times over half a century in this passionate story set in an unnamed city in Colombia. Read it for the magical realism (we’re talking frequent jumps in time and place and a parrot that speaks French) and the reminder that finding love in old age is totally possible.

love pasternak

3. doctor Zhivago By Boris Pasternak

It’s not light reading by any means (hi, 600-page novel set in post-revolution Russia), but Pasternak’s epic love story about a doctor who falls hard for another man’s wife is deeply passionate and worth the effort.

love bronte

4. wuthering Heights By Emily Brontë

It’s kind of funny to think now that when it was published, Brontë’s story (her only novel) about the intense and magnetic attraction between Catherine and Heathcliff was considered vulgar and lurid, mostly because the protagonists eschewed the proper social graces and were highly unlikable. Also, it acknowledged the existence of sex—and was written by a woman.

love neruda

5. love Poems By Pablo Neruda

This collection of poems, widely considered Nobel Prize-winner Neruda’s best work, are so sexually charged, we’re blushing just thinking about them. One of our favorite, tamer lines is, "My love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live it will be in your arms without leaving mine." Swoon.

love tolstoy

6. anna Karenina By Leo Tolstoy

The title character is trapped in a loveless marriage when she gives in to the temptation of the handsome Count Vronsky. Their secret and dangerous affair, set to the backdrop of 19th-century Russia, is equal parts thrilling and tragic.

love rowell

7. eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell

Yes, it’s technically a YA book, but anyone who had a high school crush will relate to the title characters’ adorable young love, set in Omaha in the late 1980s.

love adichie

8. americanah By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Anyone who’s been in a long-distance relationship will relate to the story of Ifemelu and Obinze, who fall in love in Nigeria as teenagers and then become separated when Ifemelu emigrates to America and Obinze is denied a visa post-9/11.

love shakespeare

9. much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet might be Shakespeare's best known lovers, but we're partial to Beatrice and Benedick, whose love-hate relationship, whip-smart insults and razor-sharp banter make their romance oh so Aaron Sorkin-ready.

love james

10. 50 Shades Of Grey By E.l. James

Just kidding.