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Why You Should Try Mindfulness Meditation
shironosov/Getty Images

Preface: We're big skeptics. UFOs? Likely story. The abominable snowman? Riiiight

So when we heard friends extolling the benefits of mindfulness meditation, we were doubtful. Then we tried it, and loved it. Here's what you need to know. 

It doesn't have to be spiritual Mindfulness meditation was developed by Buddhists more than 2,000 years ago, but modern practice can be done without any spiritual connotations. 

It's great for you This type of focused attention can have lots of health benefits, from stress reduction and improved sleep to heightened focus and increased creativity. 

It's super simple We started with a guided program from Headspace. For ten days, we were led through the app's quick ten-minute sessions. It basically just consists of becoming extra-aware of your body and breathing while sitting in a comfortable position. (No crossed legs or "om"s necessary.) Read about doing it yourself here

It's insanely calming Not to get all preachy, but each time we carve out ten minutes to be more mindful, we feel way more centered and remarkably calm. It's worked wonders after particularly stressful commutes or even to clear our heads before writing stories like this. 

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