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5 Outrageous Spa Experiences

There’s no shortage of out-there spa treatments, and us ladies have proven that we’re willing to try some crazy stuff to boost our appearances and/or help us relax. Check out these off-the-wall beauty rituals around the U.S.

In San Francisco... Get whacked with a bundle of birch, oak, eucalyptus and juniper leaves at Archimedes Banya.

In Chicago... Pay someone to walk on your back at the Waldorf Astoria.

In Los Angeles... Let your aesthetician swipe your face with cooling glass globes at Face Haus.

In New York... Align your energy channels at a chakras brunch at Maha Rose.

In Dallas... Indulge in a four-hand massage at Koffee Day Spa. (Nothing sketchy here, we promise.)

Bonus: One you can do at home... Add charcoal to your beauty routine.

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