Meet Dev Doee, The Makeup Artist and CCO Who is Redefining the Beauty Space

Over the past few years, gender-neutral fashion and beauty brands have taken the front seat. For We Are Fluide, this is nothing new. Since the popular cosmetic brand's launch in 2018, it has always sought to make makeup more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Their mission is further exemplified through their diverse team. In 2020, Dev Doee was appointed Chief Creative Officer of the brand. As one of the youngest and very few Black trans people holding a leadership role in the beauty space, Doee has already made significant strides in pushing for more inclusivity and representation by launching campaigns for Trans Day of Visibility and partnering with LGBTQ+ organizations like For the Gworls, Black Trans Femmes in the Arts and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. We chatted with the trailblazing CCO about gender-inclusive beauty, LGBTQ+ representation in the beauty space and why it matters more than ever now.

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We Are Fluide

What Does Gender-neutral Beauty Mean To You?

Beauty itself has no gender. Rather, society has made it a feminine attribute. "Gender-neutral" is a conscious acknowledgment that all people—regardless of their gender, race, size, etc—deserve to feel beautiful.

How has beauty played a part in your identity?

Beauty played a huge role over the course of my transition. Wearing makeup and skincare helped me feel more confident. It allowed me to recognize that I deserve to feel beautiful and happy in the world just like everyone else. Now, I use makeup as a form of self-expression. I’m the doll I always wanted to be growing up!

Do you think the beauty industry has become more or less inclusive in recent years?

The beauty industry is certainly more inclusive now. There is a standard of inclusivity that wasn’t around even a few years ago—especially when it comes to issues like shade range. However, I feel there is a long way to go with regards to the queer community and particularly Black trans women.

we are fluide cco dev dooe interview
We Are Fluide

What Does It Mean To Be One Of Few Black Trans People Holding A Leadership Role In The Beauty Space?

It means the world to me. It’s no secret that there are not very many people like me out there. I know that the accomplishments I achieve and the work I do are merely a continuation of the work of the queer and trans trailblazers before me. I carry the tenacity of Marsha P. Johnson with me everywhere I go. It’s so important to me to continue that legacy of excellence because without it I would not be here.

What makes We Are Fluide different from other beauty brands?

Our team and the models [we use for all of our marketing materials], as well as our charitable partners are a part of the [LGBTQ+] community, so there is a level of authenticity that I don’t often see with other beauty brands. Also, our makeup is very approachable. We believe makeup should work for everyone, so we make sure our products are easy to use and multifunctional.

Why Do You Think Brands Like We Are Fluide Are Important?

Beauty brands hold a huge responsibility in showcasing what society deems as beautiful or worthy of recognition. For most of my life, I never saw anyone who looked like me wearing makeup, so I didn’t even know that was an option. It seems like our society is on a constant vendetta to erase trans and queer people, which is why having more inclusive, mission-driven brands like We Are Fluide is crucial. It gives queer people safe spaces to feel heard and seen.

How can beauty brands be more inclusive?

It’s so important that your teams are made up of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Hire us! Pay us! Amplify our voices! We need more trans representation and more trans leaders in the beauty industry.

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