6 Gender-Neutral Beauty Lines You Need to Know

Everyone has skin, so it’s a little confusing that so many skin-care brands are ultra-gendered. Refreshingly, there are also a bunch of brands that are eschewing the binary and recognizing that good skin isn't about men versus women. Here are six gender-neutral beauty lines we’re loving right now.

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Alder New York

Based in Brooklyn, Alder is a genderless skin-care and hair-care line founded by longtime best friends who've worked in the beauty and design industries together for the past 11 years. The range currently includes 11 hair- and skin-care products, including a collection of beautiful black obsidian tools (yes please, gua sha).

Shop our picks: clarifying face mask ($6); black obsidian gua sha tool ($30); fortifying face oil ($40)

Non Gender Specific

Founded in 2018, Non Gender Specific came to be when its founder noticed a divide in the beauty industry between products marketed toward women and men. His three-piece line is ideal for those looking to streamline their beauty routine to the bare—but effective—minimum.

Shop our picks: cleanser ($36); serum ($65); Flooid fragrance ($125)


If a bunch of the lines on this list are ultra-minimalist and subtle, Fluide is unapologetically bold. This collection of colorful, cruelty-free makeup includes lip and eye products, glitters, nail polishes and more, made for all gender expressions and identities. As a cool extra, all of the lip and nail shades are named after queer spaces around the globe, a tribute to the importance of safe spaces for the LGBTQ community.

Shop our picks: lip gloss ($12); 7-free nail polish ($15); glitter trio ($36)



This gender-neutral line was inspired by the efficacy of a ten-step K-beauty routine but is simplified down to just three essentials: a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF. We love the idea of the essentials set, which will get you on the road to glowing skin immediately.

Shop our picks: daily facial cleanser ($24); daily facial SPF ($32); daily facial moisturizer ($36)

Fenty Beauty

Leave it to Rihanna to create a beauty line that’s universally beloved and inclusive of everyone, regardless of gender identity, skin type or tone. Fenty has been around for a minute, but it bears repeating that its formulas—especially its foundations and highlighters—are insanely good.

Shop our picks: Pro Kiss’r lip balm ($18); Pro Filt’r foundation ($35); Killawatt highlighter ($36)


This clean beauty, hair and skin-care line is made up of products (from shampoo to lip gloss to nail polish) derived from natural ingredients like herbal extracts and rich botanical oils. Context’s mission? “To become a go-to source for healthy beauty products for men and women.” Simple enough—just like the super-chic black-and-white packaging.

Shop our picks: hydrating toner ($35); white charcoal detox mask ($45); restorative night cream ($45)

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