Try This TikTok Eyeliner Tip If You Have Monolid, Hooded or Almond Eyes

All throughout high school and college, I wore heavy eyeliner. Think: Avril Lavigne meets Amy Winehouse. A thick, jet-black line straight across my lids that I’d smudge out with my index finger to maximize my monolid eyes. It was so distinct that one semester, my teacher simply referred to me as “eyeliner girl” (a tidbit that my best friend still brings up from time to time). In retrospect, I realized that I wasn’t really wearing eyeliner so much as it was wearing me.

This might explain my aversion to liner as an adult; I have long put down my pencil in favor of a subtler lash or softer eyeshadow instead. And the only time I give eyeliner another try is when I come across a makeup tutorial or product that’s supposed to be “game-changing” for my monolidded and slightly downturned eyes. (See: exhibit A and exhibit B.)

This particular tutorial came courtesy of TikTok user Joni Sann, where it’s racked up over five million views. In it, Sann demos the perfect winged eye, a skill that I never quite mastered.

tiktok monolid eyeliner trick 1
Jenny Jin for PureWow

As Sann explains in the video, she “used to start her eyeliner at the very corner of her eyes,” drawing the flick upwards at a sharp angle before smoking out her waterline. Apparently, this approach isn’t well-suited for those of us with tapered eye shapes because it doesn’t follow the curvature of our eyes. See how the wing is very pronounced here? Like hi! Eyeliner girl is back.

tiktok monolid eyeliner trick 2
Jenny Jin for PureWow

Instead, Sann recommends extending the corners of your eyes outward, and then drawing in your wing. I followed suit, drawing my line—albeit shakily—outward first, so that it stretched just beyond the corners, before adding the wing.

Well, I’ll be damned, this wing does line up quite nicely with my eyes.

tiktok monolid eyeliner trick comparison
Jenny Jin for PureWow

To quickly recap: When drawing a wing on almond shaped or tapered eyes, extend the wing outward first, instead of just flicking it upward, as you might have been taught in ‘ye old days. This will create a more harmonious line that actually works with and for your eye shape.

Did TikTok deliver? Yes, yes it did. Will I suddenly become an eyeliner girl again? Probably not, but that’s because I prefer a softer look these days. But who knows, maybe I'll break out the liner for special occasions. Come to think of it, this would look cool in cobalt blue or neon pink and Halloween is just around the corner...

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