Could This Eyeliner Stamp Finally Give Me the Perfect Flick?

People assume that because I’m a beauty editor, I am also an expert at applying makeup (and doing my hair). This, I’m sorry to say, is untrue. While I’ve certainly learned a number of helpful tricks through all the years of interviewing ze arteests themselves (that’s “the artists” in French, mind you), certain skills have evaded me still. 

One that comes to mind? The cat eye. For starters, how do you get both sides even every time? Second, liquid liner is a finicky beast. Shaky hand? Everyone. Can. Tell.

So when this eyeliner stamp from Kaja Beauty came across my desk promising “a perfect wing in seconds,” I had to put it to the test. The results of which I’m about to share with you now.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 1

The package comes with a double-sided stamp for the right and left eyes and a fine-tipped liquid liner. There’s also a handy illustrated guide that shows you where to put what.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 2

I started with my left side. I lined up the stamp at the outer corner of my eye and pressed down firmly as instructed. The wing was indeed crisp; my placement, however, was not.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 3

I soldiered on with the liquid liner, holding my breath as I drew an inky line from the inner corner of my upper eyelid to the outer corner, connecting the wing to the line. Not bad. Not bad at all. Again, the wing could have been positioned a smidge lower, but still pretty good for a first go.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 4

Next up: the right side. Yipes! I had the stamp flipped upside down. (Quick poll: Could this work as a cool graphic eyeliner look?)

kaja eyeliner stamp step 5

Let’s try this again. I lined up the stamp with the outer corner of my eye, but this time I positioned it the teensiest bit lower so the flick didn’t hit as high as the left side.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 6

That seemed to do the trick. There was a marked improvement in placement and it was a much more seamless experience connecting the rest of the liner to the wing this time.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 7

I stepped back to examine my handiwork and, by golly, I was surprised. (Positively shook, as the kids say. Wait, do they still say that?) Granted, there is always room for improvement, but it’s a helluva lot better than anything I’ve tried to freehand. I feel confident that after another try or two I could just, uh, wing it. Seriously, though, I am impressed with how easy this is to use.

kaja eyeliner stamp step 8

Oh, and cleanup is a breeze too. I just dampened a cotton swab in some micellar water and wiped the liner right off. No rubbing, no smearing, no stinging. (My apologies for that extreme closeup of my face.)

kaja eyeliner stamp step 9

Kaja, you get my stamp of approval.

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