TikTok Has Dubbed This Cooling Primer a Must for Summer-Friendly Makeup

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McKenzie Cordell

We don’t know about you, but as soon as temps rise above 75 degrees applying makeup is the last thing we want to do (followed closely by ‘get on a subway’ and ‘sit in beach traffic’). But because summer weddings and events—not to mention, simply looking presentable at the office—aren’t stopping for any reason, we are faced with the makeup dilemma: How do I prevent it from melting off?

Enter the NYX Professional Makeup Face Freezie Cooling Primer + Moisturizer ($20) that’s taking TikTok by storm. See how it works first hand from the following beauty creators.

What Is NYX Professional Makeup Face Freezie?

A makeup primer and facial moisturizer in one, this little jar holds 10 benefits: It preps, evens, smooths, minimizes pores, tightens, hydrates, sculpts, softens, calms and revitalizes skin. How, you ask? Well, for starters it’s formulated with snow mushroom for 24-hour hydration and niacinamide to tighten those pores. But the best part is the icy unique frozen sorbet texture that melts on your skin, leaving behind a fresh cooling sensation (that’s not at all menthol-y). For maximum icy benefits, you can also pair the primer with the Face Freezie Reusable Cooling Undereye Patches ($12).

The Product Testers

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