9 Photogenic Poses That Always Work

If photos are worth a thousand words, you don’t want any of those words to be “awkward” and “uncomfortable.” So for help, we studied some of our favorite pros on Instagram and found their go-to poses. Let’s just say we’re ready for our next vacation now.

The 14 Most Instagrammable Spots in the World

1. Lean Against A Colorful Wall

It makes for a pretty backdrop and instantly makes you look more relaxed.

2. Play Around With Your Dress Or Skirt

Like you used to when you were a little kid. Again, it helps to find a bright background (like that aforementioned colorful wall).

3. Adjust Your Sunglasses

As if they were just slipping down your nose and the camera happened to catch you mid-movement.

4. Put Your Hands In Your Pockets

Here’s the key: Smile and look away when you do this so the effect is cute and charming (and not like you’re hiding a deadly secret).

5. Swing Your Bag

It gives your hands something to do—which, as you know, is always the most awkward part about taking a photo.

6. Walk Slowly

The inherent problem with posing is that it feels unnatural to just stand there and have your photo taken. And this is precisely why the mid-stride snap is genius.

7. Perch Against Something

How is this different from leaning against a wall? The subtle perch allows you to extend and angle your legs out further (which, in turn, makes them appear longer).

8. Look Away From The Camera

Remember Chandler’s frozen smile every time his picture was taken in Friends? You can avoid that altogether by just averting your gaze away from the lens.

9. Have Some Fun With It

Ask whoever is taking the pictures to keep snapping. The best photos are often found in between, when you’re genuinely smiling and laughing about the absurdity of all of this.

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