Exactly What to Do with Your Hands in Photos

All you want to do is take a cute pic for the ’gram. But 23 snaps later, you still can’t figure out why your hands look stiff and unnatural and weird. Never fear: We put together this handy (pun intended) guide for posing properly including exactly what you should do with your hands.

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hands 90 degree angle
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1. Create A 90 Degree Angle With One Arm

Crossing one arm in front of your waist looks natural in every pic. (You can either bring the other arm up toward your face or let it hang loose by your side.) Just make sure not to hunch your shoulders.

hands nails
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2. Pretend You're About To Pick Your Nails

It sounds bizarre (and a little gross), but it totally works in pics. Just bring your hands together in front of your belly button like you’re about to clasp them or pick at your fingertips, then pause to take the perfect shot.

hands in pockets
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3. Tuck Your Hands Loosely In Your Pockets

The trick is to put them only partially in (otherwise a full tuck will create bulk around your hips). Also, be sure to let your elbows and shoulders drop.

what to do w hands in photos hand on hip
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4. Put One Hand On Your Hip

Obvious? Sure. True? Absolutely. The worst thing you can do in a photo is smoosh your arms tightly against your sides. Instead, place one hand on your hip, relax your wrist and keep your shoulders down. As long as your posture is casual, the overall look will feel natural.

hands posture
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5. Draw Back Your Shoulders And Let Your Hands Hang Loose

If the hand on your hip feels too forced, try this pose. Stand up straight and let your arms fall loose next to your waist. Pull your elbows and shoulders ever so slightly behind you. That way you appear longer and leaner on camera, and your hands won't feel as obvious.

what to do w hands in photos hold bag
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6. Cling To Your Purse Strap Like It's A Clutch

We’re not talking about a death grip--just a delicate placeholder for your hands.

hands in photo coffee
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5. Hold A Cup Of Coffee (or A Glass Of Wine)

When in doubt, give your digits something to do.

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