Secret vs. Native: Which Whole Body Deodorant is Better at Fighting Body Odor?

Tested on the pits, bits and more

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Like most people, we love smelling good, but sweat and body odor can sometimes get in the way of that. Sure, we can always throw an extra antiperspirant in our bags for a post-gym refresh or try to mask the odor with perfume, but sometimes we need a bit more help. Enter whole body deodorants, a new category of deodorants that’s cropping up in drugstore aisles. What exactly is a “whole body” deodorant and how is it different from our ol’ standby sticks or sprays? We decided to find out by putting two top brands to the test: Secret vs. Native to find out which one is better at fighting body odor. 

Meet the Testers

  • Delia Curtis is an assistant editor at PureWow, who is trying whole body deodorant for the first time. Their goal is to reduce their excessive body odor and sweat, especially since they’re working out more frequently. They rely heavily on reapplying deodorant throughout the day, which is an overall pain point in their life. 
  • Chelsea Candelario is an associate editor at PureWow, who often tests the latest beauty and wellness products. She is looking for a whole body deodorant that can mask her body odor and combat boob/thigh sweat. She doesn’t necessarily need to use deodorant throughout the day but would love a product just in case she needs a pick-me-up. 

How We Tested the Secret and Native Whole Body Deodorants

We both tested one deodorant stick and one deodorant spray from each brand for two weeks. During this time, we used each product on any key areas that are prone to body odor (i.e., pits, private areas and under our breasts), and documented our experiences. We also measured each product against the PureWow100 criteria, which includes the overall value, functionality, quality, aesthetics and, in this case, body odor fighting abilities. 

Our Secret Whole Body Deodorant Review


  • Value: 19/20 
  • Functionality: 19/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 17/20
  • Odor-Fighting: 18/20 
  • Total: 93/100

CC: I love how the products were gentle and helpful in masking my body odor. The brand claims it can offer 72 hours of freshness and I think it does a pretty good job at sticking to its word. The Peach & Vanilla scent was wonderful without being too overpowering or irritating on my skin. I used the stick deodorant mainly for my pits and appreciated that I didn’t have to reapply it later in the day or worry about smelling. Since it was so gentle, I also applied it underneath my breasts, and it helped tackle some boob sweat. I was also pleasantly surprised that it went on clear, seeing as how it looks like solid in the tube. 

Though I much prefer the stick, the spray was nice, too. I was hesitant to use a spray (a fragrant one at that) on my bits. However, it’s gyno-approved, so I felt more at ease about adding some freshness down there as needed. Plus, I recently started being more active outdoors and walking more, and found the spray was easier for freshening up on the go, while still being super gentle on any intimate areas. 

DC: If I was already smelling strongly of sweat and body odor, the roll-on deodorant didn’t really mask the scent. It just added fragrance over an already strong smell. If I ended up washing my pits/privates/other areas beforehand and then applying the deodorant, it did the job really well and lasted throughout the duration of wear with occasional reapplication depending on what activities I was doing throughout the day.

Overall, both the stick and the spray did what they were supposed to do and helped mask odor. I didn’t expect them to reduce all my body odor because they’re not antiperspirants. However, they did add a wonderful fragrance to my body care routine so that I didn’t have to worry about smelling during the day. With the caveat of sometimes having to wash my pits before use, I thought both whole body deodorants functioned very well.

Our Native Whole Body Deodorant Review


  • Value: 19/20 
  • Functionality: 17.5/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 18/20
  • Sweat/Odor-Fighting: 17.5/20 
  • Total: 92/100

CC: First off, the scents are amazing throughout the entire line. However, I was curious to try out the unscented version, which worked wonders under my breasts and my inner thighs, but didn’t do much for the odor in my pits. If anything, the formula made it worse, and I felt self-conscious all day. I could practically smell the weird mix of body odor and unscented fragrance. It was definitely not my favorite for the pits, but everywhere else, it gets a solid thumbs up.

Since the unscented version wasn’t my cup of tea, I decided to try out the Cucumber & Mint spray next. I found it masked odor much better, but it didn’t last as long as I would have liked. Also, the spray only worked for the pits and privates; it was slightly irritating under my breasts. I did feel like I had to reapply it later in the day, but I think I was just paranoid that it was going to be the same situation as the roll-on deodorant. 

DC: Both types of deodorants helped mask odor. The spray took a bit longer to dry, so it made putting on a bra a bit strange at first because of the moisture. However, the fragrance options were wonderful. I liked that they ranged from sweeter coconut to more of a fresh cucumber mint—especially because I lean toward more gourmand scents. I didn’t have to reapply as often with the Native deodorants and they seemed to last a bit longer for me.

Both deodorants also have a pretty great masking ability. I felt like I didn’t have to apply as often with the Native as I did with the Secret. I felt more comfortable walking around knowing people couldn’t smell me.

What Are the Differences Between Secret vs. Native Whole Body Deodorant? 

The brands have a few differences, so let’s take a look based on our criteria.

  • Value: Both brands average around the same price of $13 for the stick and spray respectively. We both agree that the value is worth it based on it being for the whole body. 
  • Functionality: Both products were durable, easy to use and provided a clear finish on our skin. We also appreciate the duality of using the spray or stick for certain areas of our bodies.
  • Quality: Both brands are dermatologist-tested, though Secret is also gynecologist-approved. Both are free of parabens, aluminum and baking soda. They also have similar ingredients such as capric triglyceride (an emollient derived from coconut oil and glycerin), ozokerite (a wax derived from petroleum and minerals) and shea butter. 
  • Aesthetics: Secret’s collection comes with a stick, spray and cream. It’s available in three scents: Lilac & Waterlily, Peach & Vanilla Blossom and an unscented option. We liked that each product displayed small visual instructions on where to apply it. Meanwhile, Native’s collection comes with a stick and spray with four scents: Coconut & Vanilla, Cucumber & Mint, Lilac & White Tea and an unscented option. They also offered information on the back (sans visuals) on how and where to apply. 

Which One Do We Prefer? 

It’s a tie! We actually had mixed opinions on the Secret and Native collections. 

CC: I enjoyed using the Secret spray, but the minty cucumber scent from Native was my go-to for my pits and bits. I found the fragrance to be more pleasant and it worked on masking odor. It was gentle on my sensitive skin, left a lasting scent and I can definitely see myself keeping this one in my collection.

As for the stick deodorant, I chose the Secret one over Native's. It was my favorite product to test out and it still remains in my routine today. It helped mask body odor for the entire day—even when I was doing a sniff test. Simply put, I was smelling GOOD and I didn’t even have to reapply. The Native one just didn’t work as well with my pH and it was a struggle to continue on with testing. I was nervous every time I applied it, so I always switched over to the spray. (I also used the Secret whole body deodorant cream and I’m hooked!)

If I have to pick one winner, I would say it’s Secret's spray and stick. It lasts longer for me and just works better for my sensitive skin. 

DC: I preferred the Secret spray because I felt that it dried faster in comparison to the Native spray. I also thought that the fragrance was stronger on the Secret products, so it made me feel more confident in the underboob area—a place where I’m the most insecure about. Plus, the peachy vanilla scent, as well as the fresh lilac and waterlily were delightful.

On the flip side, I preferred the Native stick deodorant because I think it had stronger staying power on my body than Secret’s. I had to apply it less frequently and less product was being used with the Native one. I also liked the subtlety of the scents because I tend to wear strong fragrances and don’t want the deodorant and perfume to compete with each other.

If I had to choose a brand, I would pick Native. I’ve used them a lot in the past and I just like their products overall. 

Bottom Line

Did either brand help fight body odor? Absolutely. Do we have a favorite? It’s complicated. But what we do know is whole body deodorant offers a nice addition to our routine, since it can help combat body odor from head to toe. We also found whole body deodorants to be gentler for sensitive skin and sensitive areas in general, given the way they're formulated. Whether we need to refresh after the gym or at work, a whole body deodorant gets the job done in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of a Whole Body Deodorant?

A whole body deodorant is designed to address body odor, especially the armpits, underboobs and bikini line. “There are certain areas of the body that tend to have more odor-causing bacteria than others, so these are great places to target with a whole body deodorant,” says Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald, a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist in Chicago. “Many are concerned about body odor and often take extreme measures to solve this like showering multiple times a day, changing clothes to stay fresh or even keeping themselves at a distance. The main benefit of [a whole body deodorant] is its 72 hour odor protection. It’s important for many to feel fresh, confident and empowered throughout the day and less time worrying if they have an odor breakthrough.”

Who Should Use a Whole Body Deodorant?

According to Dr. Goodall-McDonald, anyone can try out a whole body deodorant. “Body odor is a normal part of being human, so anyone who’s looking for odor protection across their body can use a whole body deodorant. It’s also available in different forms, so you can choose whichever option fits your needs,” she says. 

How Should You Use a Whole Body Deodorant?

As mentioned, there are different forms of a whole body deodorant. It’s entirely up to you how you want to apply it on your body. We prefer using the stick on the armpits, under the boobs and along the thighs. However, the spray is a better option for larger areas of the body if you need a quick spritz before heading out the door. Just add it in the pits, bits and even on the feet, as Dr. Goodall-McDonald notes. “If you can get a deodorant for these spaces, you’re more likely to stay fresh throughout the day,” she says. 

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